protest against , the law that tries to pretend to save the persecuted, but is actually Hindu nation through the back door. Please come join us!


Puttu is staple breakfast in many homes in Kerala as it can be both savoury & sweet depending on our mood & choice. A steamed dish, can be made w/o long hours of prep, a two ingredient dish made of rice powder & grated coconut.

Std combos: Puttu with pazham (steamed/ripe banana), coffee/tea, ghee & sugar, pappadam, a coconut gravy fish/meat all, puttum kadalayum (in the pics)

When did it become okay for non-lawyers to say mea culpa as if the English words "sorry, my fault" are somehow complicated to understand!

Confession: I'd been holding this guy Vikas hostage pending the settlement of in my favor. Now that my condition has been fulfilled, I'm releasing him.

If he still doesn't come, it's not my fault.

Went on Twitter this morning.
Saw a hashtag to shut down JNU as the top trend.
Felt my pulse quicken in anger.
Came here.
All okay now.
Can someone tell me why they want to shut JNU now??

Another legendary man died yesterday: bureaucrat PS Krishnan, known for doggedly working for SC/STs and the underprivileged from within the system. Also, this is a wonderfully observed obituary.

"After listening to him speak at a meeting, a top bureaucrat told others in the room that Krishnan was very intelligent despite being a Dalit. When some officers pointed out that Krishnan wasn’t a Dalit, the same bureaucrat said this explained his intelligence."

The man on the left would have you know that he is Editor in Chief of a journalistic enterprise.

Thing I learned about . Each can have its own privacy setting.

Sharing it for all the new folks from who have joined

The NGT has disposed a petition challenging ongoing land consolidation in Kot, Faridabad, where Ramdev's Patanjali group has allegedely bought >1000 acres of protected, common Aravalli land through shadowy power-of-attorney transactions. While ostensibly upholding some protections accorded to the land (under the Forest Conservation Act), the order turns a blind eye to the illegality the consolidation process itself, and Haryana's previous attempts at privatising Kot's commons. I report.

Joining here is an experiment, and I come with an open mind, because minds are far too closed, and mouths too abusive on Twitter.


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