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"Planning For Travel With A Physical Disability Or Chronic Pain"
In this video I talk about the practical logistics involved in travel with you live with a physical disability or chronic pain. The purpose is to help you think through what you need so you are able to live your life to the fullest.

"Taking Care Of Yourself"
The videos I post on youTube are an extension of my life. They are about lessons I've learned, strategies I use to manage my physical needs and how I love out my life with chronic pain. The beginning of this video is an update on my life. The second half is the principals I use and possible skills for you to adapt in maximizing your quality of life.

"Living Your Best Life"
This video is about making the decision to live the best life possible, taking care of yourself and having the tenacity to persevere in the midst of adversity. From this you will reap many rewarding moments to help keep you encouraged and loving life.

"Using An Electric Tooth Brush To Promote A Better Quality Of Life"
In part this video is about using an electric tooth for brushing your teeth. It is also about making this accessible in being proactive for your dental case. I've finished the video talking about the value of an occupational therapist in working out the best logistics of your daily chores.

"Talking About Fire Safety For Wheelchairs"
The purpose of this video is to get you thinking about and have a plan for fire safety. Although I've themed this video for wheelchair users the principal could be used by anyone.

"Sun Rise In Winter"
The sunset this morning was lovely. I want to share this with my youTube channel users. These quiet times help me. I hope this will do the same for you, wherever you are in your journey.

"Continuing To Learn How To Cope With Stress And Challenges In Life"
This is a talk about continuing to build the skill set for coping with stress and the challenges in life using examples from my own life. I hope it is helpful to you.

"Building Your Skill Set For Facing Adversity"
This video is to help you prepare for facing adversity. Part of this presentation is a lesson from my own life. Then time for you to think about how you will be motivated to go forward in life when you hit rough waters.

"Thinking About How You Define Yourself"
This video is about the fundamental question of how you define yourself. I've also shared some of the painful lessons in my own life of pitfalls to avoid.

"Celebrating The Special Memories Of Life"
This video has a very special memory and meaning to me. While continuing with my next step in deep cleaning my home I've found a slide of me while hospitalized during my 1981 surgery for Legg Perthes disease. As I share the memory I explain a strategy for coping with stress and adjusting to life during adversity.

"Being Intentional With Your Planning In Life"
This video is what I've been chewing on recently: Being intentional with planning in life. This is to develop options so boredom won't pull you down or prevent the positive momentum in your life to be lost.

"Finding Your Limits"
This video is about finding your limits. It is some of the practical life skills needed to function in your strengthens and maximize your quality of life.

"Can I Make It In Life?"
This video is a general outline in finding success in life. The particular theme of the video has to do with with employment. However this could be applied to any of your goals.

""Christmas Lights 2018"
This is a very special time of year. For those who are unable to get out to enjoy the lights I prepare this video for you. For the first time ever I've included a recording of myself to accompany part of the Christmas light photos. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas! I most sincerely hope 2019 will be good for you.

"Introducing A Video Gaming youTube Channel"
This video is to introduce the youTube channel of one of the youth I support and encourage. If video gaming interests you I invite you to check this out and see if it is something you are interested in.

"Preparing Yourself For Christmas, Anniversary And Events"
This video about not feeling let down and disappointed by having super high expectations that can't possibly come to fruition for the big events in life. It is a skill I use and want to share.

This video is about thinking through having a creative outlet for managing your emotions. I use an example from my own life: Digital photography. I also share one of the lessons I've learned many times over: The lessons learned during the process have proven to often be more valuable to my life than the results this brings.

"Adding An LED Lamp To A Bike Helmet"
In this video I share the steps involved in adding a hinged LED lamp (such as a miners lamp) to a bike helmet. My purpose in doing this is for increased lighting as I work on my projects. This will also be helpful to provide additional lighting as I use my power wheelchair after dark so I may see where I am looking as my head turns. I also see how this would be helpful when riding a bike as the sunsets and after dark.

"The Decision To Undergo Medical Treatment Or Not"
In this video I talk about the practical themes related to making a decision to undergo medical treatment or not. I use the word 'themes' because of my ongoing medical treatment. I've been honest and transparent in this video by using examples from my own life to give you things to consider.

"Smoke Detector Features When Living With Chronic Illness"
In this video I talk about key features of current smoke detector technology that help make life just a bit easier for those who live with a physical disability or chronic illness.

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