@Ronflaix So cool! I've been really digging TIC-80 of late. Need to build something in that! It's the first game platform where the APIs actually make sense in my hamster brain :)

@feoh It's cool to see you found a system with an API that matches your logic! It took me some time to settle down with a few of them.

Have you ever tried Love2D? If you want to jump up out of the fantasy consoles, I don't think you'd be lost if you move to it :D

@Ronflaix I remember looking at it when it first came out but I'll give it a more careful look. As a cranky old geezer who grew up hacking BASIC and a little assembler on the Atari 8 bit micro, the fantasy consoles tickle a particular fancy that's been lying dormant for way too long :)

@feoh As someone who spent high school years programming on calculators, it also quickly got my fancy ^^

Pico-8 is way more porwerful than the most fancy calc I have though. I wouldn't have got those sweet 3D stuff in realtime I guess.

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