@Ronflaix yes :D

actually there's like, a Doom mod that is built entirely around this! There's a dog you can pet and feed, and flowers to water and everything it's super silly and cartoonishly drawn and so cute tho

@Ronflaix doomworld.com/idgames/levels/d pretty sure it's this one :D "Kill 'em with Kindness". Doesn't actually contain any killing if I recall! I mean from a code/mechanical standpoint it does, sort of, but it replaces the death animations with happy dog animations and happy flower animations instead. and it's non violent :D

@Nine Perfect! Makes me somehow remind of Super 6D Noah's Ark which used an engine similar to Doom but in a biblic non-violent situation ^^

@Ronflaix I've seen that one too ^^ I think the original was based off Wolfenstein 3d's engine?? Or am I thinking of Chex Quest...I forget.
Either way yeah, I mean I'm not too jazzed with the religious element but I'm all for non-violent cute and wholesome mods of very violent games ^^

@Nine What about game mods/options that replace blood for flowers? :p

@Ronflaix honesltly I wish I had been able to play Nerf Battle arena when it came out because heck yes nerf guns FPS. it sounded great.

@theoutrider @Nine That was exactly what I had in mind and was going to post. Nice!

@Ronflaix @Nine me, when FPSes come up: "Hello, have you got a few minutes to talk about our Lord and Saviour Serious Sam"

@theoutrider @Nine I remember having fun parties of Next Encounter with a friend way back then on Gamecube. Good old times.

@Ronflaix @Nine there's also Golden Souls, a Doom mod that's still Doom but the level design is all Mario64

@Ronflaix realtalk I mostly wanted a full, complete remake of the N64 Goldeneye game in an engine that could be mouse and keyboard and multiplatform mostly just for the best cheat in the game: paintball mode.

@Nine Remake or tweaked version? There are people who tweaked it (or the emulator, or both, I dunno) to actually support keyboard/mouse and to run in 60 FPS : archive.org/details/1964-60FPS

@Ronflaix faut pas donner du pain aux canards, c’est pas bon pour eux :(

@gordon SI je me plante pas, il faut du pain complet, le pain blanc est trop sucré et leur file le diabète.

@Ronflaix ha. Je pensais qu’il fallait leur donner des graines ou certaines parties de certains fruits

@gordon Après, je connais pas les détails, peut-être que le pain complet aussi est nocif mais dans une moins grande mesure.

Après, c'est plus dur à montrer à l'écran, des graines. Et un sac est probablement trop génerique. Mmmg

@gordon Ah, mea culpa, toute forme de pain. T'avais donc raison.

On en apprend tous les jours. Désolé de t'avoir contredit en erreur.

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