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🐔R↻nflaix @Ronflaix@mastodon.social

"no fear" / "what if they put dril's name on his wikipedia article" / "one fear"

@KitRedgrave Same here, I keep listening this song from my own head when I look my backlog...

maybe i shouldn't, like, promise to make anything because it turns from being fun into being Another Work Item You Aren't Doing, Why Aren't You Doing This, You Are So Far Behind You Fucking Slacker

The Hermit. Kind of a mood piece, inspired by a trip last summer to Lake Quinault. mastodon.art/media/hkbWr8orOyY

@lain No, why?
( I did read the first volume of one of the series though)

@lain I don't get it, am I missing a reference?

This structure was done for me to understand how I could design stuff like game cinematics, I wanted some kind of stuff where multiple things could happen in the same time like having a textbox scrolling and characters moving.

Aaand it worked! It's pretty mockup-y but finally I could get around to make that kind of structure. (or more ) mastodon.social/media/teIt111t

Making basic action sequence. It went pretty smoothly in the end, (thanks to coroutines)
Gotta try combining them next. mastodon.social/media/w0fJLkSw

Also remember Borland's cool Win3.x installer?