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🐔R↻nflaix @Ronflaix@mastodon.social

Dropping at 88 stars. 10 levels 100%, one at 4 and 14 secrets stars. The hardest is yet to come.

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@er1n You tweak a bit the colors and it become Feisar's logo :D

@ajroach42 (also I like to jump a lot, long jump, dive jump, side, etc etc... Playing a mario and not having a plethora of aerials movements is painful :°)

@ajroach42 Too much to count. I tried BLJ multiple times without success, so it must have increased a lot the count hahaha

@Bobo_PK Emulator. I don't have the place here to bring all my consoles.

I did 100% it on it though. I remember, the last star I got there was the Tick Tock Clock's 100 coin star.

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Plan for the evening : catch 40 another stars on SM64. I'm at 40 (the 4 first levels are 100% + 11 secrets stars and 2 bowser red coin stars). It should be doable, right?

@Nine oh yeah, that's the wonder issue with that kind of standard : many sets will be off the rules on some points.

@Nine ah, according to this[0], it means having a trainer and T a translation. :O

[0]: m.emuparadise.me/help/romnames

@Nine haaa, thanks for the additional info like h and b, thanks! :D

Romnames and tags also were pretty cryptic to me for a while. I still don't know what means some tags from all of them.