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🐔R↻nflaix @Ronflaix@mastodon.social

I have one AI more or less ready. Two left.

Jeovah's Witnesses Show more

Good morning, time to crunch some more code o/

@maruki Thanks! I wish for ya the best situation to get things done!

It's 5am and I'm up since 2am, so yeah, white chicken needs sleep badly

my #LD41 game will combine the incompatible genres of "making an LD41 game" and "making a good game"

Time to doze off. I hope I'll be able to do the AI for the different roles.

@maruki Thanks! Are you also participating to it?

good luck to all of you who are participating in this

@fenwick67 I'm writing down a game idea that I got a few minutes after reading the theme but I wonder if I'm basically not offtopic on this one. 🤔

Ok I have an idea. A bit of a twist on the theme but it might be fun?

Back. So the theme is "Incompatible Genres". Oh boy

Time to sleep, LDJam starts soon. See ya laters.

it's coming on
it's coming on
it's coming on
it's snare *ooh*

the snare drum is the only drum you can play by licking it

@jk "Imagine Tetris", that's a band name, nah?