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Those games makes me think on how comfortable it should be to play a game and stay serene.

If I play on computer, it won't be as comfortable than going slug-mode on the couch with an handheld console. I wouldn't play the same and wouldn't probably get the same feedback from those two different situations.

I don't know if I'm really into the social simulation part. When I was playing AC, I was partly minmaxing stuff with foreign fruits and friendships. I don't know how I held like almost a year playing it daily. That's almost impossible for me to stay that focused on something those days.

To play with my cousin I discovered life simulation like Animal Crossing. I don't remember what makes me want to play it again, maybe it's the calm atmosphere or just the fact I like repetitive tasks like xp grinding or fishing.

I'm tempted to pick up Stardew Valley again as it tries to have similar ambiance but I can't feel it, even though it's supposed to be relaxed, I still feel like I'm pushed with time restrictions.

I don't play often or regulary, that makes me avoid league/championship/competitive games. But even in the "casual" games, I can find my erratic gaming rythm sometimes annoying.

"Calm" games dicussion incoming, follow the thread starting here

Okay, I gotta talk about police violence against people of color and especially black people and especially black men. I'm hoping that I understand this right and that I'm explaining it well. I'm gonna CW the rest of the thread but I wanted to put this at the head of the thread so people know what the aims and goals are.

Important to note: this is NOT a discussion about capital punishment. Bringing capital punishment up in this discussion is deflection; please don't do it.

Is there a music word starting with D else than disc for stuff like track, disc, music, etc?

MiniDisc → Mastodon D???

Asked my family and YES, we have still a MiniDisc player hidden somewhere.

And we still have a few discs somewhere.

(low pitched voice) yessssss...


all I want in life is tasty meals, fancy drinks, snuggly girls, and for all my friends to be wildly successful at everything they attempt

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It rained holograms over the city. Blown in by the south winds, they were no larger than snowflakes and depicted all sorts of fantastic animals

A lonely robot decided to investigate

- I will investigate, it said

It climbed the mountain by the city and there it found an old woman with a cauldron brewing holograms

- There you are, it said
- There I am, she replied

Happy with it's investigation the robot went back to town. It sat under a tree to enjoy the rainfall

#writing #flashfiction

Well, played some Furi, and this game is really excellent. It's composed of boss fights whihc gets progressively hard.

What I like is that you quickly get to know which patterns the bosses have but will have to learn tthe right timing as they quickly get unforgiving.

Music is 10/10, but I expected that as I know and already like a part of the staff behind it.

@inmysocks *immediately tries to shoot the moai head to get powerups,..*...dangit konami.

Todo list of things to destroy:

🔲 emoji
🔲 time itself

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