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My sense: Mastodon has lost its mojo. Not dead, not a total failure, but not achieving critical mass. Many nice technical grace notes, but sparse content.

What is the bot that reports stats on overall Mastodon? I don't see it any more. Maybe ny language filter us culprit?

What is the bot that reports overall Mastodon stats?

@usercount it would add a lot of value to see a couple more stats. For example, average users added per day over a week or so, current week and also 30 days earlier. Will show a trend indication.

Even more important, REALLY need some measure of engagement, some indication of number of users who login over say a week period.

Trying to figure out how to motivate internet friends to leave twitter for mastodon, or least run them side by side

I decided to list and briefly describe every Firefox add-on that I currently use and/or recommend, because sharing is caring.
Here ya go:

The number of users on Mastodon is stabilizing around 700k users. We've seen only a 10% growth in user count over the last month.

Fewer users are joining us, and some instances are even disappearing from the network.

We don't necessarily *need* growth, though, but remember to keep this place warm, welcoming and open, as new people means new blood, new ideas and more fun 😺

Cheers to all of you !

where is internet hq i wanna protest against the internet

@Gargron go for it. You can always move back or move elsewhere if you don't like it.

My #1 friend in the entire world, who has been there for me through some really rough stuff, is in a tight spot.

Boost this no matter what. If you can, donate money.


@fredmbarros @Enkerli I agree. Using has tags helps, we also need !groups

@fredmbarros @Enkerli I agree. Using has tags helps, we also need !groups

What does "500 internal server error" mean when I try to follow someone?

@fredmbarros One could describe Mastodon as a reaction to Twitter. But nothing is really taking on Facebook, at this point in time. For all the resentment about Fb, for all the bad stuff the service does, the dominance of that one social networking service makes it hard to create open-ended communities of experience and communities of practice elsewhere.

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows you to interact with practically every other person on the planet.

This is also the worst thing about the Internet.

Trying Keybase Chat. So far, very impressed. They've solved a lot of the problems that people cite with other encrypted chat offerings, even Signal.