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More refined stats about mastodon would help us all understand trajectory of this social network.

1) a few simple rate values. Per instance new users during most recent N day period where N might be 7 days or maybe 30 days (longer period smooths out the hills and valleys).

2) a measure (or two) of engagement.

2a) number of users who visited site during e.g. most recent 24 hours

2b) number of users who posted during most recent e.g. 24 hours.

2c) number of posts during most recent 24 hrs.

@lain I remember the name @ronkjeffries from way back, so hopefully he knows that we more than just survived.

@tas You make a good point. Given the highly decentralized nature of Mastodon instances, (many??) interesting conversations may be siloed, visible mainly to a small group in that niche site.


MIT, the FUCKING MIT is running a mastodon instance!

I have to be honest, I'm not really feeling #Mastodon so far. I find it to be more convoluted that necessary - having a sporadic group of instances that talk to one another, yet kinda don't. Three different feeds, why? If I want to check something on instance A, but I'm logged in to instance B, do I have to log out and in again? What am I missing here guys?

If anyone is looking for an app that will allow you to log in to multiple #Mastodon instances, check out #Mastalab. Think it's only available on #Android, but it's very good!

Have been away from Mastodon for a few weeks. Not sure where to look, but one question is there serious consideration of implementing a "group" feature, similar to GNU Social...

What is the bot that reports stats on overall Mastodon? I don't see it any more. Maybe ny language filter us culprit?

What is the bot that reports overall Mastodon stats?

Trying to figure out how to motivate internet friends to leave twitter for mastodon, or least run them side by side

I decided to list and briefly describe every Firefox add-on that I currently use and/or recommend, because sharing is caring.
Here ya go:

The number of users on Mastodon is stabilizing around 700k users. We've seen only a 10% growth in user count over the last month.

Fewer users are joining us, and some instances are even disappearing from the network.

We don't necessarily *need* growth, though, but remember to keep this place warm, welcoming and open, as new people means new blood, new ideas and more fun ๐Ÿ˜บ

Cheers to all of you !

My #1 friend in the entire world, who has been there for me through some really rough stuff, is in a tight spot.

Boost this no matter what. If you can, donate money.


What does "500 internal server error" mean when I try to follow someone?

@fredmbarros One could describe Mastodon as a reaction to Twitter. But nothing is really taking on Facebook, at this point in time. For all the resentment about Fb, for all the bad stuff the service does, the dominance of that one social networking service makes it hard to create open-ended communities of experience and communities of practice elsewhere.

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows you to interact with practically every other person on the planet.

This is also the worst thing about the Internet.

Trying Keybase Chat. So far, very impressed. They've solved a lot of the problems that people cite with other encrypted chat offerings, even Signal.