As Google Plus (G+) approaches eventual shut down (mid 2019) I'm exploring alternatives. Mastodon has been neglected by moi. Not sure I will ramp up my attention here?

@Ronkjeffries on the Twitterinteresting people, good source of news.
@Ronkjeffries on, a Diaspora pod that sprung up to cater to G+ Castaways.

Want to play with Hubzilla as it communicates with Diaspora. The tangle of federation protocols is a mess.

Suggstion? SocialHome sounds appealing...

@uranther @jjg @h @haitch I really like the model of, etherpad and having a space to do something shareable by link. I also really liked Google Wave / Rizzoma. Does anyone of you know someone who could work on transforming the latter into an example of the former, so we can add deeper conversation threads to our toots?

Show HN: feediary – RSS reader with zero tracking and zero ads

(submitted by justmarkup)

OK being a not-that-popular account and choosing a small instance does, in fact, make things a little quiet.

So there's that. My TL is sooo dead right now.

Happy day? Sad day?

I just paid for a Windows license for the first time (accidentally buying one with a laptop doesn't count).

Slowly, slowly, assembling the build robot for #Mailpile's desktop packages...

I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

on viewed on the web, where does one find the "about" item?

Thinking about how to recover a few old Mastodon accounts.

I consistently use @Ronkjeffries as user name. If you see my username on other than pls let me know. This is so effing lame.

I've been using it since ... 2000? 2001? Something like that. It's still my primary desktop environment, and my favorite distro. Happy 25th birthday, #Debian!

@Ronkjeffries Top of mind for me would be, and just following Gagron I guess...

But as in moments of new user influx waves such as the past couple of days, it's like nearly if not over 80% of all toots are general Mastodon news I'd reckon...

What I should really do is find another small but friendly fediverse instance, set up camp there, and retire my own self-hosted instance until I write my own thing - because I am a Professional Glutton for Technological Punishment

It's apocalypse season and wildfires are raging. Do you know how to keep ash and smoke out of your lungs?
- Use an AQI app on your phone to notify you when the air gets gross.
- When the AQI goes above 150, avoid going outside.
- When you have to go outside, wear a mask rated N95.
- It’s important that your mask fits extremely well.

I've neglected Mastodon for many months. Time to experiment with it again. Trying to remember which instances I had accounts on.

More refined stats about mastodon would help us all understand trajectory of this social network.

1) a few simple rate values. Per instance new users during most recent N day period where N might be 7 days or maybe 30 days (longer period smooths out the hills and valleys).

2) a measure (or two) of engagement.

2a) number of users who visited site during e.g. most recent 24 hours

2b) number of users who posted during most recent e.g. 24 hours.

2c) number of posts during most recent 24 hrs.

@lain I remember the name @ronkjeffries from way back, so hopefully he knows that we more than just survived.

@tas You make a good point. Given the highly decentralized nature of Mastodon instances, (many??) interesting conversations may be siloed, visible mainly to a small group in that niche site.

I have to be honest, I'm not really feeling #Mastodon so far. I find it to be more convoluted that necessary - having a sporadic group of instances that talk to one another, yet kinda don't. Three different feeds, why? If I want to check something on instance A, but I'm logged in to instance B, do I have to log out and in again? What am I missing here guys?

If anyone is looking for an app that will allow you to log in to multiple #Mastodon instances, check out #Mastalab. Think it's only available on #Android, but it's very good!

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