The Smoked duck, smoked sausage, and smoked pork loin I did today.

Iguana that let me take it's picture on recent trip to Mexico.

Burb I got shot of after he finally stopped flying from tree to umbrella to sign.

Peony on Wednesday and then today. Ants eat nectar until it blooms and keep other insects away.

Starting work on Ork punk band "Da Krash" Drumkit is next part, then a big speaker stack/wall

New Ork warboss made from several enlarged stls (mostly MrModulork, byt head by Blackcrag and right arm a free file on Cults3D)

Anyone else having issues with uploading images? It gets to 100 percent and then does not finalize. Same on 3 different browsers.

If we are going to try and lift this sucker up, we need all the content people want. Pets, animal videos, sports, comics, movies/tv. Post it here first, and help build the alternatives. Kick him in his wallet.

Colonial Era coat my mother made for me for Feast of the Hunter's Moon.

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