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Hi! I'm Mario and I'm an artist/composer/generalist with some gamedev experience, currently learning and honing my skills in C# All my work can be found in the links below:




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It's Jaryl giving you a thumbs up, because he approves and believes in you!

I commissioned @Ropnolc for this, and I love how soft he drew Jaryl ♥

Commission for @fuzzyproxy !

Having a cozy coffee date with @ModestMeows in an otherwise overcast and dreary day.

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I made a new avatar that I forgot to update everywhere because I've got half the attention span of a peanut, but this is also me playing with CSP!

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In Super Mario Odyssey, whenever Mario opens the closet found inside the Odyssey, there is one frame where the model of Mario used to preview costumes is displayed outside the change menu, resulting in two Marios in the scene. During this frame, the mirror reflects only darkness.

mm I need to post the next batch of inktobersss

Can't get over all these new attack animations y'all! 😍

I came across a child so powerful that I feared he would Game End me

Days 9-12

-fat idiot eats too many mountains, more at 11

-@latte is a dear friend and I love them

-Quick dragon, no sketching involved!

-Even quicker Robot!! Done in 5 min

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