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Tuesday : As the State takes a two-year old daughter from her parents due to maltreatment, I am concerned with a two-pronged worry: Who owns the care of a child? And if the government does, why do they not care for them all?

A Fair-Weather Guardian:

Tursday : Somewhere in the past twenty years, we as a society have lost the grasp on reality, degrading Truth to the status of a fairy tale.

A Year When Truth Mattered:

Tuesday : A response to all the American vitriol against , who dared to try to lift the veil from the eyes of its people.

Hating Your Heroes:

Here's a freeform question to the internet:

What's a "Latvian meat squeezer"? Just coined it in a text, and I have no idea what it could be.

I bet it has something to do with sex, but fuck if I know...

Turns out that the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack is great listening for getting into the mood when you're near-future horror.

" There is always a 'later'. A later when your problems can be solved. A later for relationships to be salvaged. Until there isn't. Until that moment when the 'here and now' becomes an exclamaition mark. And all those laters will remain permanently unreconciled. "

Tuesday : That moment when you read about the among , and you begin to suspect that whatever journalist wrote the piece haven't got a single clue as to what an engineer actually does.

Mayonnaise and Cake Frosting:

"Now is just a state of mine.
Something to help you pass the time."

"No story today is more important than being able to write another story tomorrow."

Excerpt from my current project. Coming in after a 450 word rant from a near-future news editor.

Tuesday : How the once media in this country is slowly drifting back towards the of yesteryear, as illustrated by one of our major publications willingly being used as a springboard for fresh political talent.

Partisan Publicists Rising:

That moment when I'm playing Stellaris and I find the solar system "Covfefe"...

Fuck sake, Paradox

I just got my and I wonder if it's going to live up to my expectations...

The EU parliament voted through the dreaded for the third and final time this week. This is what I had to say while the chips were technically still up in the air. And there is absolutely fuck all to add.

Babies and Bathwater:

Tuesday : How has become an everyday habit through the Black Art of the Deal and by people simply not minding.

The Black Art of the Deal:

Help! Could you good folks give me some words indicative of angrily and forcefully saying something? Something a little less than yelling or shouting Kinda like a growl or a hiss, but a little less feral.

Here's a little Sunday ditty I once wrote, making for a great companion to this here our socially networked life

The Iron Maiden of Happiness:

Sometimes, especially in the middle of a long-form project, I miss writing the little things.

Like this: A little story about a self-important diety that realises its mistake after creating life. Written almost completely as dialogue.

A Tragic Little Accident:

Tuesday : Another black weekend of mass murder has passed us. Yet again we invoke the devilish epitaph of to alienate and stigmatize.

The Terrorism Stigmata:

2021 words done. Such a fucking relief... The block has been broken!

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