I worry about how successful this coup was. It started 85 years ago, but the marginal tax rates FDR imposed are nearly unthinkable now, and there's constant talk of not being able to "afford" things that might hurt industry profits and help people.

I've been having kind of terrible dreams and I don't want to go to sleep.

Starting to worry any food I enjoy is secretly toxic and slowly destroying my insides while telling my nervous system it's just the best stuff ever.

(Starting to worry the same thing about romantic relationships.)

Anyone have recommendations of songs about liars and terrible people and how much they can go fuck themselves? I’m making a playlist.

I should have had a tubal ligation when I still qualified for Medicaid.

McCain was 81 and had brain cancer. People seem shocked by his death, and appalled at anyone saying he was less than perfect. I don’t get it.

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@lisaquestions Trans women are women Favorite if HELL YES
Boost if FUCK YES

Damn but these men were such fucking talented singers I can barely stand it


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So this is a giant squirrel from India, and the coloration is real.

I think I mostly screamed into the void on twitter. I’m honestly not sure what to post here. I do like my home column, tho, thanks everyone 👍

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How many retoots do I need to make a socialism?

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I like it here. Still figuring everything out a little, but I like it here.

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