Perhaps a hot take, but, as FOSS devs making tooling/libs, we shouldn't be annoyed that people are asking for support in our issue trackers. We're making tools for engineers, and if they can't figure out how to use them, our documentation needs work.


@tindall I honestly don't understand why this is a thing. You put a package out into the world, people are going to use it and have questions and feedback. Isn't that really the whole point?

I ran a couple pretty large FOSS projects, and I actually enjoyed interacting with my userbase, taking items into the TO FIX queue, asking for updates, etc. It made me feel good to see/hear my software being used by others. Validating.

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@RoyGreenhilt @tindall The problem is that code hosting platforms only have bug trackers built-in, and we don't have free and easy to use _discussion_ platforms that would be popular with people and could be used for support requests.
People misuse bug trackers for support requests, and repo maintainers get annoyed because indeed closing what is supposed to be a bug report is logically on the one who opened it, and having many open bug reports looks bad.

@dmbaturin @tindall I hear that, and you're right. (You don't know my background, but the opensource project I wrote was one of the very popular bug / support trackers back in the 90s). It could handle both support and bug requests, and was used for both.

In modern FOSS though, things like github's Issues are... issues. Bugs. Things that can be linked to PR's. Using them for support is definitely a weird mix.

@RoyGreenhilt @tindall Yeah, my point exactly. Sometimes I'm thinking of a free and, ideally, federated platform for "bugs+discussions", where discussions can be converted to bugs if needed, but are separate concepts.

GH/GitLab/Gitea issues have, well, multiple issues even as pure bug trackers, starting from the fact that they are limited to a single repo.

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