so Hackaday's "what do we do if society collapses?" article has been completely overrun by climate change deniers in the comments

good, fine, this absolutely gives me faith in the Hackaday readership :-(


@millihertz I'm sorry, article? I see no article. I see a link to a website that requires me to chalk out an HOUR of my day to see if the content of it is relevant or interesting.

Jeezus FUCK i hate the trend of "Youtube is where we share deep complex ideas". Unquotable, unsearchable, unverifiable, unskimmable. It's idiocracy taking over actual information exchange.

RARRRRR. I am cranky.

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@RoyGreenhilt ooh, don't get me started on youtube! it was more bearable when there was a ten minute cap on videos - it at least stopped people from posting three hour talks with no transcript

and it's fragile! "content" (that's another bugbear. it's not information or discussion or analysis any more, it's all just "content") hosted on youtube might just up and disappear any second

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