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me, getting on this app for the 10th time since I woke up a few hours ago: interact with me dangit

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If i don't instantly get a response to my toots i just assume Everyone Hates Me

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Alright folks i see your rat love and it's so fucking valid but????? Where's the snake love??!?

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Retoot to be instantly murdered by me, I'm sitting in the nearest tree by your house

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@ibrokemypie @Ruby6764 @auroraborealis I would be surprised to find more hard-working mods than mine anywhere else. Needless to say we host neither cp, nor nazis. The centralization argument is the only valid one, but I somehow doubt the people who are just learning what an instance is care about that one.

kinda sad about the fact that i got comfortable on .social after i left tumblr and now shits happened and I gotta move but i dont know where to? Don't know how to feel about berries and the other more known instances dont seem fitting?? What else is there

the boys are back in town (the boys are back in town)

I'm just not moving because i don't know which instance i should go to and also i will never get more than 100 followers ever again probably

Girl, I'm not a player..but I'm a gamer. Fortnite and chill?

i leave for 2 days and everyone gets up and moves again
yall im too gay and too lazy for this

I see y'all boosting my berries post I might get banned at this rate πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ

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