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me, getting on this app for the 10th time since I woke up a few hours ago: interact with me dangit

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If i don't instantly get a response to my toots i just assume Everyone Hates Me

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Alright folks i see your rat love and it's so fucking valid but????? Where's the snake love??!?

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Retoot to be instantly murdered by me, I'm sitting in the nearest tree by your house

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toot.sites local tl is so slow it feels like a cozier home tl so coming back to .social feels like being slapped in the face 5 consecutive times as you scroll down

officially have more followers on this site than on tumblr now (unofficially reached that point after like 50 followers because the rest was all porn bots anyway)

mmmmm about to disinfect my phone.... love doing that

if someone said post a selfie of you Right Now like 90% of the time id be in trouble

what does a gal gotta do to get some validation around here eh?

always painful to pull a peel-off mask off after applying it where you technically shouldnt

the boys are back in town (the boys are back in town)

favorite time of the day on mastodon is when i see GAY RIGHTS TO KILL in my notes @forestwitch

my mom just asked if i wanted to have a little mirror which _I_ bought for HER as a gift a few years ago......

hol up why's the foot fetish squad on my tl right now

Gonna try this eye mask tonight lads, bought it before i realized it goes up to 40°C and now i gotta live with that so.. .. toasty i guess

one time this lady accidentally stepped on the back of my shoe and because i thought it was my friend i was gonna be funny and get "mad" at them so i turned around REALLY fast about to get "pissed" and the lady got so scared like big eyes quickly apologized and went into the other direction

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