mmmmm about to disinfect my phone.... love doing that

@Ruby6764 did u drop it it in the freaking toilet or something

@citrustwee eve..... do you Never disinfect your phone????

@citrustwee it's.. you touch it all the time?? with dirty hands and stuff??? It lies around on dirty surfaces... when you call its against your dirty face..... ??????

@pikachu what the fuck, robyn. these are normal things. do i wash my keyboard? no. do i wash my earbuds? no. what the fuck.

@pikachu another thing: who the FUCK calls in the year of 2019

@pikachu @citrustwee ok yeah i disinfect my work keyboard and work phone every once in a while

@nuttgodd @pikachu @citrustwee how many times have you taken your phone to the bathroom with you in the past week

@nuttgodd @pikachu @citrustwee that stuff gets everywhere and then you shove the phone on your face. I mean I guess if you want the immune system boost go off

@woomy @pikachu @citrustwee even fewer people use their phones to actually call people than who disinfect!!

@nuttgodd @pikachu @citrustwee you need the good phone bacteria to fight the bad everything else bacteria its science

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