Once spirit was God,
then it became man,
And now it is even becoming mob..

I cling to the night..
It is the only shade of sky under which I can truly breathe...

@stux I'm trying to unlock my account which I never locked in the first place.. But as many times I unlock it out goes back to the lock mode.. someone help

Neither they consider us their kin nor do they have to suppress us to preserve themselves but he we are, folks!

Overheard: “First the dome of the caved in; then, some years later, the Supreme Court’s.”

I am a Hindu. And an ex Armed Forces veteran. I want a Masjid & only a Masjid at Babri.
मेरा मजहब नहीं सिखाता आपस में बैर रखना. Neither has the Armed Forces taught me to hate someone on basis of their religion. We are oath bound to uphold the Constitution throughout our life.
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I am a Hindu, I want a masjid & only masjid at Babri. Would be a different matter if the masjid were not demolished illegally. A religion t…

Not a long time ago: Shah warns Kerala govt over implementation of SC order.
(October 28, 2018)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah on Saturday “warned” Pinarayi Vijayan-led Left Democratic Front government in Kerala against implementing the Supreme Court order on allowing entry of women into Sabarimala temple.

Archeologist Who Observed Dig Says:
No Evidence of Temple Under Babri Masjid

"Underneath the Babri Masjid, there are actually older mosques" and possibly older Buddhist stupas or viharas.

I wonder how chaos is so naturally ingrained in our perception of normalcy in India. Despite all odds, we really are million mutinies stuck together, some by choice, some by force. Indeed a miracle. Just hope and work to give this story the end it deserves. To give the oppressed the freedom they deserve. No extremist or fascist power can derail us, for there is no singular idea of India to derail. A manifestation of the idea resides in so many living and non living things. Peace

Equality is not handed out to us in a world where we inherit inequality! In every which way. Equality needs to be created with good conscience, truth, sensitivity, patience and hard work.

Anyone who assumes equality is already served to humanity and we must preserve that is a privileged mutt.

I'm Salar, a civil engineer by profession.Believer in secularism, democracy. Respect for other faiths & hate bigotry. Want to see the end of fascism in India and eveywhere.

किस लिए देखती हो आईना
तुम तो ख़ुद से भी ख़ूबसूरत हो

- जौन एलिया

I apologize to most of you for some of you.

@RuhiShaikh I certainly hope there's more sanity and equality here. Welcome!

I'm also I guess agnostic (depending on how you define it) and a hater of bigotry and right wing psychology generally.

How will Lord Ram reside in a structure built on dead bodies of so many innocents?

फूँक कर मैं ने आशियाने को
रौशनी बख़्श दी ज़माने को
- आरिफ़ अब्बासी

Shakespeare : "What's in a name ?"
Indians : Religion, Caste, Elections... basically everything..

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