RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui


@cwebber sorry, but the dick move is spreading lies, and what's been done to Stallman in name of virtue signalling.

Stallman did not defend Epstein, who he called a serial rapist, but someone who was his *dead* friend, whom the court did not find guilty.


@RuiSeabra @cwebber No one here is claiming Stallman defended Epstein, nor that this latest incident was an isolated incident.


@aidalgol @cwebber it certainly was a well crafted hit job, the way they select certain phrases from his ancient posts without providing the context or the next couple of phrases, painting an image that people who don't know him well might believe. 5* for craft work.


@aidalgol @cwebber be sure to let everyone know where Stallman "defended sexual harassers". Of course it might not be libel if you're talking about a dead man, but take notice that no court found him guilty of anything. The trick here is letting people presume he actually defended a sexual harasser like Epstein, but it's your choice: You either believe in the justice system or the lynch mob. Assume your choices.


@aidalgol @cwebber I've gotten to know him well enough, hosted him several times, I can distinguish his particular "sense"of humour, I know most people don't understand it. But to carefully select phrases without the proper context and manipulating people into believing a completely fabricated opinion... That's just brilliant.

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