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An improvement request to DNS Over HTTP resolvers: option to only resolve if all configured providers agree, and redirect to gateway address reporting error if they don't. This would be better, IMHO, so that one can use two different providers and not allow one of them to take control...

After three weeks of intense fighting against my kid's school, they finally got convinced that there is no need to impose a Google account for the kids to use Google Classroom for sharing documents and Google Meet for video conferencing, although they have only ceded to my son. A small and very modest win.

I don't think well of asking streaming platforms to not charge for their service, that's cutting their wrists open.

There's lots of content in the Internet Archive, take advantage of it vast public domain content, full of precious little treasures!

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Whoever came up with the term „social distancing“ should be ashamed. The correct term is physical distancing IMHO. We should collectively stop using the „social distancing“ term from now on.

Create your own *and* instance

So the best, and quickest, way to get your own Jitsi instance is to follow this instructions:

As far as I can tell there is no such easy peasy way to have it running in CentOS, and I won't be diving into it for the moment although I certainly intend to do so in the future, bu

How to connect to a different Jitsi site

So you have now setup your own Jitsi site, or you want to connect to your friend's Jitsi site. How to do it?

If you're using a computer, it's simple: all you need is to type the address of the website and room in your browser's url bar:

But if this was all to it, then it would be a very boring short b

Setting up your own server is very cool and easy:

The authentication in this example is just barebones, but set it up against a decent domain (with LDAP for instance) and off you go with your own TOTALLY PRIVATE conference site!

Johns Hopkins is also a funny case, if one recalls their 201 event last year. :P

Good news but changes nothing WRT there being no vaccine for anyone before 2021 (except the lucky ones that participate in the trials, assuming it works).

WHO is promoting contactless payments as a way to avoid touching potentially infected pin pads. What a theatre!

After touching all around, where lots of people have touched before, you're worried about the pin pad? You have telekinesis to pick up stuff?

Contactless is only useful in limited low value, low risk transactions.

What's necessary WRT covid19 is -hysteria and +rationality, it's important to keep our humanity and social touching.

After all, we're not scared little robots! :)

@gbraad hi friend, a bit late but happy birthday. I hope your "house arrest" ends up real soon and harmless. :)

So, a CCNA L3 keeps insisting ping efficiently tests layer two. Claims my OpenBSD's carp doesn't reply. I try to, unsuccessfully, explain that it can't respond to ICMP requests if the packets at layer 2 level don't even reach the machine, even though it's joyfully replying to arp who-has requests...

Meh... CISCO... You're doing it wrong...

«Somebody should tell (at) vonderleyen» could become a nice viral meme, if people digital eu people are creative enough... :)

Somebody should tell that must not become a safeground for , we need not private taxation.

Somebody should tell That in order to acknowledge and protect «SMEs being a vital part of the industrial fabric» must forbid otherwise the US and Chinese technology giants will eat us for breakfast.

Somebody should tell that being (as in Freedom) has to be an absolutely implicit requirement of so that «AI systems should be transparent, traceable and guarantee human oversight.»

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More correct headline IMHO: "Irish Data Protection Commission seizes #Facebook offices in Ireland" I have been waiting for years for that headline. Good job!

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