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I am SUPER excited to be working with @estebanm on a song for a collaborative recording project for @awhaleslantern !
( bringing independant musicians together to collaborate in random pairs)

@estebanm is currently deep in lair alchemating sick chord progressions...

I'm very happy to announce that the next A Whale's Lantern album will have contributions by:

@cosine & @Miredly ,
@estebanm & @RuminantShoppingCart ,
@btcprox & @ky0ko ,
@dogtrax & @vanhaase ,
@sixohsix & @masu ,
and @hairylarry & @reto

The songs will be released on October 14! Our previous releases are here:
#MusicCollab #music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

I'm starting to think Milton didn't prepare me for the 21st century

everybody save your piss. it can be easily filtered to fresh water. DO NOT FLUSH IT. join me to save it all , save the water

"traffic" is abbreviated for Show more

Chaotic Evil is moving somebodies bookmark

What if, suddenly, all the birds turned against us? (Oh my, my mind is unique and original *sigh*)

tux man: dance w me

ball gown woman: first , remove baby carrots from nostrils

tux man: no

i turn on my fan and spiderwebs on my ceiling blow like luxurious tapestries

hottest day of the year , and my dog gets his tongue stuck in the bank atm cash dispensor...

my chickens care more about the grain and apples and carrots than about the little noises i make to them

*Nicolas Cage voice* I'm gonna download the Declaration of Independence

halfway through month 2 of collaboration for @awhaleslantern
where random pairs of musicians collaborate on tracks for a collection album.

@estebanm and i got oboes hummin & beats thumpin early , almost everything in place💃. plowing back in with fresh ears👂

frogs that look like gophers , hair all over , and cheap pets -- i mean $0.25 per "gophrog" , and very emotional little things

this schoolbus drove kids to school , was a transformer dildo , and now it is my home

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