@Ruymotxo se que no es lo mismo, y la edición es una mierda porque la he hecho yo, pero creo que identifica bien lo que quiero decir.

@Centinela_en_el_Exilio Pues te quedó guapísima. No me había dado cuenta hasta ahora de lo confusa que es esa frase. 😅

@aurochs @Ruymotxo ehhh? Es un joseo?

Si la tengo en el ordenador. Si la quieres te la paso. Pero creo que la encuentras en Google escribiendo apalear

@Centinela_en_el_Exilio @Ruymotxo Sí es un poco un joseo, pero sí me gustaría la imagen 🙂

@Ruymotxo it can be understood through tough, thorough thought, though


English is hard, it can be understood through a though thorough thought, though

@Ruymotxo I'm just seing now I made a mistake in this toot XD

@Ruymotxo I assume TROUGH is over to the side, arrogantly leaning against a wall, waiting for its turn to kick the victim.

@Ruymotxo Such things are actually easier to memorise for a foreigner, as there’s no layer of spoken norm of the language that would already be in place before the writtern norm is taught. ‘Though’ and ‘thought’, ‘than’ and ‘then’, a foreigner who was taught English by the books, would never write ‘alot’. Also this is the type of meme, that’s made by native speakers out of spite to their own language.

@tija as a non-native speaker you are talking facts. Never has these words troubled me when I was learning english

@shark @Ruymotxo Like open twitter on any topic of the day and review all the threads in depth.

@Ruymotxo Oh the feeeeeeeeeeeeel. I finally choose to go random and hope that people will assume I did a typo.

@Ruymotxo "trough" is elsewhere, beating up a different english learner who wants to talk about farms and/or sporting event restrooms.

@Lunnaris @Ruymotxo yo me voy a poner una alarma en el móvil para hacerlo

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