Money Stuff 

like yup, I sure am doing the work I'm really not allowed to talk about. And then I sure do get home, play videogames and watch youtube until it's time to pass out.

I have trouble coming up with anything interesting to really say on here, so I have mostly avoided it for a while oops

GW2, Female Armor Sets 

One of the joys of being LGBT+ is wondering at every piece of representation in media "Okay but is this like, just a joke though?"

Endgame, No Spoilers, Opinion 

FFXV, Sexism 

FFXV, Sexism 

Playstation, Censorship 

Playstation, Censorship 

Risk of Rain 2 

I just ended up getting bored and exiting out

*Me, sobbing and gunning down wave after wave on Impossible as I search* I j-just can't die

I tried Risk of Rain 2, got a CRAZY GOOD BUILD, then was totally unable to find the teleporter .-.

Shazam! Spoilers 

My taxes have been vanquished. Time to Not Buy Anything with my return. (Probably furry stuff let's be honest)

Me: It's Ape-ril, I should get more gorilla art.

Also me:


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