Is there any fan of here on Mastodon? Or are they all on Twitter and Instagram instead?

Hahaha I keep believing 😆

Never give your best to people who aren't worth it!
In the end, they will have no appreciation for you.

[FR] Plus que 6 préventes supplémentaires requises avant le 5 novembre pour que je me rende chez l'imprimeur et donne vie à ce calendrier 😺 On partage, on ne lâche rien ~


[EN] I'm selling a desk calendar on Ulule, illustrated with cats & non-toxic plants. The page linked above and the calendar are in French only, but if you're interested and have any question, let me know!

#cats #plants #calendar #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #caturday #illustration #crowdfunding

I hate when people lie.
Some days it's just too hard to keep believing in humanity...

I haven't eaten Japanese food in ages 😖
And I just keep coming across pictures of okonomiyaki, gyoza, donburi and sushi 😂

I talked about redraws yesterday, and it made me remember that sometimes, redraws can look really great!

Here's an example of a great and respectful redraw.
This is the cover of Uncanny X-men #137 drawn by John Byrne (on the left), and the redraw by Stuart Immonen in 2013.

It seems that there's a new challenge on Twitter currently, it's called the and the challenge is to redraw a cover of the One Piece manga.

Personally, I don't like redraw. Each thing is unique, and the idea that one artist can "redraw" it in his/her own style seems a bit conceited. It's better to come up with an original idea rather than just re-shaping an idea which didn't come from you in the first place. But this is just my opinion.

started singing along w my neighbours music and he turned it down lmao

I think I will soon repost almost all my One Piece fanarts here, in Mastodon, very soon.
These are all fanarts I used to share on Twitter, and currently, they still have the big Twitter logo I put on every drawing...😑
So, I have to change the logo for each before I can post them here.

On the other hand, I'll probably post non-OP art on my Pixelfed account instead 🤔

Sometimes, I miss some persons from Twitter, but I wonder if they miss me too? 🤔
I used to post drawings quite frequently while I was there but there are so many artists...
As the saying goes : "out of sight, out of mind"??

@spookysmookie Hi!! Thanks for following me!! I followed you back of course.
It seems that you like drawing? That's great!! And you seem to like Japan too, do you?
Anyway, nice to meet you 😁

Today is ??
Ok, so I'm gonna promote myself just a bit.
Hi everyone, I'm new on Mastodon! I'm fan of One Piece so if you're a fan too, feel free to follow me!
I also draw sometimes. If you draw too, I'll be glad to interact with you here 👍

Regarding the chapter , I'm still wondering who these 3 guys who were in the cave alongside Yamato were 🤔
Of course, one of them is Ushimaru Shimotsuki, but who were the two others? Random samuraïs?
My theory is that the two other guys are actually the two other daimyo of Kibi and Udon.
It would fit with what we know from Wano history (the rebellion of the daimyo following Oden's death).
What do you think @pineaura @zorumeart ??

It's so damn hard to find people to follow on Mastodon...
I'm sure there must be a lot of interesting people but it's definitely not easy to meet them !
I'm still wondering if I should dedicate my page to One Piece only, or just post about everything I want...🤔

I don't know how many people will see this but, if you're a fan of you can follow me!

Beware though, I'll talk about the latest officially released chapters.

It's worth noting that the text was written by Oda himself!

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