Page One and Ulti's designs kinda remind me of streamers and well I thought it would be fun to do an AU with that in mind.

They have their own separate streams, but Ulti probably likes to team up together (whether Page One likes to or not haha)

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Just some quick sketches to add on of these two playing games together as streamers. Not necessarily a sequential order of things, but certainly moments that happen in any given stream, I'm sure hahaha

#Art #Fanart #OnePiece #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

Come to Hawkins' tarot streams to get your readings (and probably a roasting)!

This is a just a silly joke. I can't actually see Hawkins being a streamer per se but this idea was just too funny not to do so into the OP Streamers AU it goes. I'm so sorry. 😂

#Art #Fanart #OnePiece #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon


@pineaura Hahaha this is funny 😆
So this is the reason why Hawkins almost never fights anyone? Ok, ok, he's now fighting against Killer but...what was he doing before that? Streaming? Hmm that makes sense 🤔 😂
Your drawing is totally canon for me😌

@Ryuken_san Ahaha I'm glad you find this funny. It's certainly a silly idea 😆 Thanks so much for the kind words 💖

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