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People keep asking why my bag's so heavy.

Well obviously because I'm keeping my personal android bodyguard in there, what did they expect ?

#art #drawing #characterdesign

When it's been breakfast time for a whole half hour

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Does thiiiis app work worth a dick?

A mobile app incapable of posting images, which is Very Good Actually

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USB sounds like a backup in case the USA fails.

With a mobile app, this is finally valid to me as a Twitter stand-in. What's up, buttercups?

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*whispering quietly to self*

Watching the public timeline update in a steady stream of weirdos and hardcore nerds talking about turning the moon into a spaceship is pretty groovy.

Here's a fun activity: If someone's making low-key/dog whistle -ist jokes at or around you, act like you don't get it until they flame out trying to explain without breaking the spell.

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here's some 'meme magic' for you: if you're a nazi and wear a pepe pin, you're gonna get punched

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