Tonight we stream more Dying Light. We won our game of checkers and it is time we get our prize!

Oh, yeah, and we gotta get that Rais fella

8pm ET US

People's reaction to discovering the name of HP Lovecraft's cat is almost identical to discovering what happens to Nina Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Heyoo. I am an indie gamedev, newly affiliated Twitch streamer, and published author.

I also firmly belive that TERFs can fuck off, and you should never stop punching Nazis.

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Starting a blind playthrough of Hollow Knight:

Join the stream and earn a bearsona!

Boss: "We don't need to track that vendor anymore."
Me: "Okay."
Boss: "So just put in the comments 'DP'—"
Me, a child: -stifles a giggle-
Boss: "—69"

I almost died

Disenchantment is a very good show. Tiabeanie is awesome, and adorable at the same time. Some good jokes here and there, and a couple of weak ableist ones.

Huge departure from The Simpsons and Futurama, in a good way.

Okay, that's a loop. Monster Hunter World is good stuff.

And yes, this is a hill I will die on. I came to Mastodon to escape shit like "9/11" was an inside job!" and "Sandy Hook was a false flag op!"

CTs bring in hate, fear, misinformation, lies, libel, slander, and put people in danger (PizzaGate). Masto should strive to keep them out.

Here's hoping @Gargron and team keep out the conspiracy theorists. We don't need PGers and truthers here.

And no, I won't "go to another instance."

I'd much rather we keep out people who abuse and harass parents of dead kids because they think they're actors.

CTs are literally toxic and dangerous and Mastodon is best without em.

Boy I sure do know how to draw out the gross and creepy people on any given site.

Super disappointed Mastodon allows this stuff. I thought this was a better, friendlier place.

Damnit. Mastodon is infested with Centrists already. Welp, this place is ruined.

Seriously. Mastodon. Can we get these people off? Starting fights and spreading false info.

People using MH as a shield from criticism and using false ableist arguments that demean actual ableism. That is for Twitter.

Can we please have instant bans on conspiracy theorists and people who say "Deep State" unironically?

Keep the nutters out.

We're off to fight some more nasty Zeds in the hunt for dosh! It's Killing Floor 2!

Doc found something with my liver. Need some diagnostic work done soon.

This has been a painful day for me. My nerves are utterly shattered, and I'm pretty much on the verge of a crisis. Quite a lot went wrong and I'm still reeling from it. I am also super exhausted by it, so maybe I'll get some good sleep tonight.

For the most abhorrent crime of forgetting to bring some money I owed for a bill, I was called an "asshole", mocked for not having a girlfriend or wife, and the truly best this person could muster, that I "suck".

In 2018, cut out the toxic people. Even if they are family.

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