@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD people literally left Twitter to come to a site where people didn't use the moderation system to defend their prejudices and attack minorities.
Wheaton followed the crowd and immediately called the cops on a bunch of transwomen who thought this might be a place they didn't have to deal with his fake woke celebrity transphobe bullshit


I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

*put the "here" in the wrong place.

Basically, this isn't Twitter. He shouldn't treat it as Twitter pt 2. He's got Twitter, he's verified, stay over there with the other blue ticks in your digital gated community, don't come and gentrify this neighbourhood because you heard it was hip...

Another thing I missed, a lot of people didn't *voluntarily* leave birdsite, they came here because they were permabanned, often for standing up to nazis in the first place. But no, Wheaton must straddle the internet like a woke nerd colossus, broadcasting his garbage ironic celebrity status and transphobic apologism to ALL

@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD Is that what Wheaton did???

Fuck him with the red hot fires of Mordor then.

Thing is, the mods probably got about 300 report emails because of a silly meme. I don't agree with the mods decision, but I could understand their frustration. I just think they punished the wrong person.

@JosephCuncarr it's like when someone calls the cops for some petty bullshit, which then escalates *because* the police are involved, and have to "do something" because the rules often dictate that they can't not.
I only blame the cops as much as the idiots that called them in the first place, and tried to impose a strong power dynamic on the situation.

If the same reply literally went to anyone else, there'd be no problem, no report, but I guess Wil just likes to play victim too much and his followers would literally follow him off a cliff.

@JosephCuncarr Yep, there's a reason no one likes snitches, and it's not because people like bullying, they know that snitching can just be another way to bully people.

My instance literally has him suspended so our admin doesn't have to deal with this bullshit, and somehow she's still getting reports on his behalf. Takes snitching to a whole new level.

@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD Also being Starfleet royalty doesn't hurt--his mother was literally the head of Starfleet Medical!

@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD it is literally gentrification. minorities who have a culture get ran out of a place from harassment and cost of existing and go to another place, then that other place becomes popular because of the culture, then minorities who have a culture get ran out of a place from harassment and cost of existing and go to another place then that other place becomes poular because of the culture then minorities who have a culture get ran out of a place from harassment and cost of exist

@Wraptile @SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD Oh, fuck off. There’s nothing wrong with being 200 pounds or having blue hair. The nerve of you to tell people to grow up. The fuck is wrong with you? Not everyone exist to make some random uggo like you hard.

Second, I have his ass blocked on my instance. I’m still getting petty chickenshit reports for people mentioning him in an unflattering light. I didn’t come here to be unpaid customer service for an entitled Z-list celebrity.

The rules of your instance say you need to stop engaging with people who tell you to leave them the fuck alone.

Now, do you wanna take your chances that your ugly, stupid comments don’t bother your mods, or do you wanna crawl back into your fucking hole?



I’m on my own instance.

Cool. So I’ll be reporting the fatphobia and the trolling to your mods and suspending you from my instance.

There’s nothing wrong with fat people. You, however? You’re repulsive. Word of advice before I never hear of you again: in this life you either need to be smart or nice.

You, honey, need to figure out how to be sickeningly sweet, because smart isn’t gonna happen for you.


@Wraptile @SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD hi. You've wandered into the wrong section. Go fight against "teh sjws" somewhere else. Thanks.

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