Looks like the beta testers count has overtaken the follower count. Interesting and a bit scary!

From the feedback so far, I think these are the things I will try to focus on now before releasing a version 1.0:

* Content warnings
* Federated timeline
* Better holding position when clicking Show more
* Character count
* Maybe some animation tweaks
* A few bugs and crashes

1.0 might be a bit rough around the edges still, but popularity has overtaken me a bit and I want to get something out!


@tootapp also not sure if it’s just me but Pull To Refresh sounds a bit ‘hard’? Maybe add sensibility options? Idk
But it always takes me a couple tries to refresh

But so far, this is by much the best client out there, keep up the great work man!

@SFVasquez It's the default system one, and you can't adjust it, which sucks horribly. I will have to implement my own, but I will probably bump it to post-1.0.

@tootapp ah I see. I suppose it’s not an app-breaker issue... definitely excited to see what’s new in the next beta

@SFVasquez Just a thumb-breaker issue.

But no, I definitely want to fix it, I'm just trying to push out 1.0 quickly.

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