No ones answered my question on stackoverflow guys... cmon you’re all supposed to be the clever ones 😢

Watching the Arsenal vs Chelsea match. Not really a fan of either team but I will never EVER support Chelsea

Hello Mastodon I need some help...

I need to code a prototype mobile app for work but I'm unsure of what language to use. Atm I'm using Processing to build up a visual framework of what will go where with the app but I'm not sure if the capabilities of the Processing language will allow me to create a full working prototype mobile app.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Why do I always get ideas for possible new ventures in the early hours of the morning.

I have too many responsibilities to be sitting down and drinking beer... oh well, who needs a degree?

My friend is developing a game but he hasn't discovered Mastodon yet.. good job I'm here to spread the word ey? Check it out :)

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tea kettle factory worker: sir we can't make the teakettles any louder than we're already making them

tea kettle boss: I SAID MAKE THEM LOUDER

I have less than 3 weeks until my university education ends. What the actual heck.

I've recently been using duolingo to learn Italian and last night I had my first ever foreign language dream. Didn't understand any of it.

I don't know if anyone's ever noticed but it's really difficult to try and get to sleep with hiccups.

Currently getting drunk and playing videos games alone... shut up I deserve this

I made a chrono-accelerator, I'm sure I can do this.

There are some serious disco bangers going down in my kitchen right now, y'all are missing out.

Every time I'm in the car with my mum, she tells me "put on something you want to listen to, I don't mind".
So I put my iPod on the AUX cable and play whatever I was last listening to...

Then, every single time without fail, she'll gradually turn down the volume over the course of the journey until we're sat in silence and she decides to stick radio 2 back on. Thanks mum xx

I always wake up to a Facebook notification that tells me it's someones birthday who I haven't ever spoken to. I think it's time for a fb purge.

Finished writing my thesis! There's still plenty of hours of proof reading and editing but my god it's done. It's actually done.

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