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Shel Holtz @SLHoltz

I have been head-down on client deadlines. Have I missed anything?

@deshipu I understand that, but if Mastodon continues to grow, it'll be on companies' radars. Given that, what kinds of behaviours would you want to see from them if they decide to jump in?

What would you want PR and marketing people to know about Mastodon?

I'll be talking about Mastodon with @jangles on today's episode of the podcast. The show will be available later this afternoon at

@danyork I can share plenty, @danyork. I just got my Internet running again and I'm watching my 2-year-old granddaughter. stand by, though, and I'll shoot some your way.

This is my third Mastodon instance. I can't say whether it'll be my last. But I'm glad opened back up. Hi, everyone.