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We moved this account to a more fitting server. You'll find us from now on here:


Lot's more stuff to come there!

Today we have migrated this account from @SNAC_Steffen
The posting history did not move, so if you're interested in our past activities, you'll find them still documented there :)

We moved this account to a more fitting server. You'll find us from now on here:


Lot's more stuff to come there!

Just arrived back home from an incredible @fedicamp
So much fun, good talks, beautiful nature and great people. Personally and professionally i feel enriched by this weekend, thanks again so much to the organizers.
Looking forward to next year already!

Local announcement:
Morgen organisieren wir den Tübinger den Tag der digitalen Freiheit!
Viele Initiativen bringen ein geniales und buntes Programm auf die Bühne, besonders freuen wir uns auf die Keynote von @echo_pbreyer

Das ganze Programm:

Vorträge online Live hier:

Kurzfristige Infos und weitergehende lokale Arbeit über den (neuen!) Chaostreff Tübingen @ctt

P.S.: Das Event hatte viel Fokus, danach gehts weiter mit Interkonnektivität!

"This document is dedicated to all citizens of planet Earth. You deserve freedom of communication; we hope we have contributed in some part, however small, towards that goal and right. "

- final sentences of the ActivityPub document.

16:30 auf dem #TDF :
"In diesem Workshop wollen wir die Praktiken des Konzerns Meta im Bezug auf Menschenrechte näher beleuchten.

Strukturelle Benachteiligung ärmerer Länder, das Spielen mit der Gesundheit ihrer Nutzer für Profit und fehlende öffentliche Teilhabe für alle die sich diesen abgeschlossenen Netzwerken nicht anschließen.

Organisiert in Kooperation von Amnesty Tübingen und der iconet Foundation

An algorithm is just some person’s will made manifest. So the key question is: “whose will?” Yours? Or some douchebag billionaire’s?

#technology #society #personhood

Hi! is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to instead of directly to People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

Inspired by what @laura and @aral shared on their live stream just now.

Especially the part about iterative design got to me. Am aswell often stuck in that perfection trap.

Ironically enough while knowing about this, I still can't overcome feeling the same way about sharing the very first iteration.

Going to share more stuff i'm working on while im working on it in the future.

And a first draft of our documentation will be posted soon, likely with flaws. Looking forward to feedback.

Yesterdays meeting about interconnectivity was very productive. Thanks for the ones participating.

Just posted the recap for the meeting here:

Delivering interconnectivity will continue to be an open community effort, which we are looking forward to.

Tomorrow (Thursday 14.04) 6PM (Berlin-Time) you can join a general Discussion about here:


- Interconnectivity - What, Why and How
- Q&A
- How to raise support for the topic?
- Search for Co-Authors to build trust

Looking forward, drop by if your interested!

We'd like to discuss Interconnectivity with you!

We announced an open ended meeting in the context of the upcoming ActivityPub Dev Meeting, details can be found here:

When will the meeting take place? Depends, what time is best for you? Pick it here:

So, the EU's #DMA says that the tech giants will have to expose open APIs for interoperable comms - but what does this actually mean in practice? Here are our initial thoughts on how you might actually implement it, and why the DMA is good news. ✨🔮✨

🇬🇧 Friday we were told the EU and the US have agreed in principle on a successor to the #PrivacyShield. Still haven’t heard how exposing our data to the NSA and “national security priviledge” would be fundamental rights compliant.

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Yeey, its - again.
EU don't do it, even if you wanted to take the trade off - reduce sharing off CSAM (Child Sexual Abbuse Material) vs. no more private communication for each citizen - the means you are propossing are not at all effective. Someone such deeply engaged in criminal activity will very likely also dare to use non-EU-licensed software. I really don't understand how this keeps coming up.

A core media that has been desperatly missing is now finally online.
15 minutes presentation of our technical concepts in english: how to provide for social networks.
Presented in the context of this years

Evening! Can some of you link me to people/sources, who criticize the actions of Meta/FB in a well-founded way?
We are meeting with Amnesty Tübingen on Thursday to see if we can start a joint project on the topic of "direct and indirect human rights violations by Meta".

@sl007 @humanetech

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