@SNAC_Steffen You are right, they are. Liked the talk. I think you should set up a gitlab/GitHub where people can help contribute and see all the current work in one place. I recommend you take a look at GNUtaler taler.net/en/ savannah.gnu.org/projects/tale maybe look at how you could integrate that with activity pub applications for a prototype. All of it all at once is, perhaps, too ambitious. The HTML part of your idea is cool but the radical part is in making these payments possible. Luck

@SNAC_Steffen @PonyXPS This is so much like the idea I have been putting together in my head. I would add the option of being able to post encrypted and/or anonymously within the system itself. That both the service and recipient be paid a micro-payment, and that the decentralized service itself provide banking services to its members. (might be your Nanobanks would be better?) All wonderful work.

@cChaos I'd love to hear about the ideas your putting together and i'm happy for your interest. Let's have some talk the next days, now i'm happy to turn off the computer for today. So much input this weekend thanks to everybody for everything :)

@SNAC_Steffen This is great. My question is "How much does it cost now per transaction for such a decentralized system and what are the projected cost decline over time? If integrated into OS social medial. My suggestion is that perhaps whatever the micro service fee is that an additional fee that is invested in natural resources such as Community Land Trusts, National Parks, or Land Management Practices for Carbon Sequestration would provide the Gold Standard for the blockchain commons.

@cChaos I do not have the answers to your questions but i can see how your idea could find adoption and raise quite some money for common good.

@SNAC_Steffen Thanks for your replies. I have not been checking this. Maybe the best thing I have is a couple names for the projects; PonyXPS and PonyUPS. The XPS is all forms of social media while UPS is the public banking, identity, and confidentiality system that would enable micro-payment accounting for sums of perhaps fractions of a penny. Thinking of putting a podle proposal at cwiki.apache.org/

@SNAC_Steffen This is great! Nanopayments is key. I have been thinking and writing about a suite of integrated services and will be sending them too you shortly via email. Please forward them to folks in the open source community experienced in writing OS code. Not sure what is possible and what is not.

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