When the pro CAA protesters finally get the act passed by their protests.

As 2020 begins, Modiji is looking behind at the number of positive decisions he has taken so far for the country.

New India ka New Science.
Schrödinger's detention center: Will exist or cease to exist according to Modi's convenience.

Next it will be: there were no riots, entire India was delusional in 2002.

So cow can cure cancer, produce gold and also prevent crimes! Cow is so much more efficient than our government. Can take care of all three: health care, economy and crime rates. We need to send gaumata to the parliament.

Election season offer:
Upto Rs (price of your soul) discount on clean chits**

** Not applicable to anti nationals

Modiji fulfilling his eligibility criteria for the party 👇. Since then, his qualification to reach the top leadership has only increased.

Our Muslim community is ❤️❤️. Their level of tolerance and patience is unmatchable. If only the majority ones could show even a fraction of this tolerance and acceptance.

The family will hold the rally after all other members would have joined BJP.

Next, they'll add this dialogue to all movies right after playing the national anthem.

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