When the pro CAA protesters finally get the act passed by their protests.

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As 2020 begins, Modiji is looking behind at the number of positive decisions he has taken so far for the country.

Modiji: Votes k liye bahut propaganda karna padta h!

Tadipar: Aap Chronology samhjiye, hum NRC se sabhi anti nationals se citizenship hi le lenge. Jab sare voters bhakt honge toh propaganda ki zarurat nhi hogi.

Jab desh k document (samvidhan) ko yeh maanne taiyar nhi, toh deshvasiyon ka koi document unhe bachane kaam nhi aayega.

The BJP has been following 'Hum kagaz nhi dikhayenge' since years, by fudging data.

What is the purpose of pro CAA NRC rally when the act is already passed. They are using their right to protest to stop other people from exercising their right to protest. 🤦‍♀️

NPR aur NRC ka utna hi kareeb ka rishta h, jitna modiji ka jhoot se h.

New India ka New Science.
Schrödinger's detention center: Will exist or cease to exist according to Modi's convenience.

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Educated Bhakts trying so hard to defend CAA-NRC pretending that it isn't discriminatory, and that they know better, should remember :
You can't be brainwashed against the govt, being anti establishment is the essence of a democracy. But you can be brainwashed in staunchly defending the govt.

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@sanjayuvacha somebody just accused me on twitter for overreacting to assam agitation and spreading hatred. Social conversation has deteriorated so drastically that one Can no longer have a different priority than that of the government.

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NRI bhakts are a special kind of morons.
Have no real stakes as in living here and will clap at all the tomfoolery done by Feku regime.

I see NRI Bhakts cheering on . The word hypocrisy was defined based on these NRIs.

Next it will be: there were no riots, entire India was delusional in 2002.

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