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what if u wanted 2 go to heaven but god said Cthulhu streams fortnite

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imagine this: we are in a movie theater. it is just the two of us. the captain underpants movie is being screened. you reach into the popcorn bucket to grab some of the salty snack. your hand, grasping for the popped kernels doesn't connect with them. instead, you look down to see a dirt block. you look to me and i am made of cubes. looking around, you see the rest of the world becoming less HD and more like it's constructed of blocks. you hear a hissing sound. Haggstrom plays softly behind you.

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Name's Steph, I mainly shitpost, but I also make ! I have commission info linked here, so if you want sth all pixeled up, let me know.

anyone know a site where i can post original writing, short stories n stuff? like post the entire thing, and not a fanfiction site. And also not tumblr. I'd rly appreciate it

I have been watching hours of Khan academy and I still don't know how to shoot a recurve bow while riding a horse or divide the spoils of war among my loyal followers

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Cursed garage sale! Boost and ill give you a cursed item! :gnomed:

Cursed garage sale! Boost and ill give you a cursed item!

lol imagine unironically having free/affordable healthcare haha *dies from polio due to a lack of vaccinated individuals and no insurance*

america is curently living a dystopian nightmare so to combat this i have decided to ignore it and instead shitpost on the internet to hide my crippling fear of debt, taxes, and consumerist culture.

my name jeff

Hey #fediverse it's your art buddy asking for help!
Me and my gf lost almost all our savings due health issues (you can ask @leip4Ier if she's ok with it, she will tell what it was)
If you can afford it, please consider commissioning me! I'm pretty good at drawing girls, cute and semi realistic stuff, and pixels.
If it's too pricey for you, boosts are great too!
#mastoart #commissions #digitalart


you: can ride your bike with no handlebars
me: can dunk my head into a tub of sulfiric acid for 60 seconds straight without losing any skin and acquiring only slight burns

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If hot buff women are a form of politics than thank fucking God I finally have a platform to support

also, I'm gonna go thru and clear my follow list. if u get unfollowed, nothing personnel, kid.

Sonic the hedgehog but he's a normal hedgehog and eggman is a farmer

An astronaut totes around his dinosaur pal. If you had a dinosaur pal you would as well. The dinosaurs, they really prefer it.

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