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Looking through my timeline I never did an thingy. So here goes.

I am a blogger who always has and always will enjoy AESTHETICS. Fursona of a Binturong. Website in bio.

art and learning music with the FL-Studio in our free time.

I am a tech guy with the belief that repairing hardware for maximum usage is a better path of financial and environmental positivity.

Asexual I guess?!? I dunno.

Advocate of self-hosting services as centralization is terrifying.

Was at but head home. Not in the right head space to be dealing with that.. Instead, the night shall be spend in VCVRack.

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Because I have bandwidth and CPU to spare on my cloud server. I started up an IceCast stream. Because I'm old-school like that. So far it's just me and a friends music. Keeping it legal. is the address. You got music and want it in rotation on a streaming protocol hardly no one uses? let me know!

No one ever said in school when they grew up they wanted to be a ripper doc.

E-mail: "I noticed you don't monetize your site...." Yeah yeah. It's because i'm anti-American and hate myself. I'm sure that's the logical conclusion. Oi Oi Headbutts in 2018..

There's a few open source projects which are really wanting to push updates out for today despite the rest of the community asking the question i am. Which is "why? it's not like you have investors to make happy on a certain launch date."

So is the pinebook a magical mystical device that unlocks dark powers from other dimensions? or it's just that it's $100?

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Net brand identity. Show more is an interesting tool but for Google to sit back and tell people you -must- pass their test. Well! Perhaps your own sites need to pass it before you ask others to as well.

I always like a good mexican restaurant that has redacted sentences all over their menus!

Ever have a penguin try to come up and buddy-talk thinking that you hate OS'es as much as it does? Yeah, it's a new one for me too.

I sometimes wonder if there's a reason to invent a new word "Fondom". it's a lot like "Fandom" but instead of being fanatical about something that it's just way more toned down. You're just "Fond" of it. Like you might read a book, watch some shows, maybe buy a shirt. But that's about it because you simply cannot justify the notion that the things you like are a culture/religion.

*puts down the bottle of beefeater... pauses..* You know, Dodging bullets is real yo! I didn't understand what was going on around me until the normalization wore off. Wow... I need to go to Arizona ASAP.

I'm not joining the OS bashing wars. Because in order to criticize I have to ask if I could do better... which.. I have no knowledge of kernel level programming sorry. Each of them has their strengths and each of them enables me to put food on my plate. So like politics screw OS tribalism.

The moment my website becomes about hustle, numbers, and views instead of whatever the fuck i want it to be. That will be the day I k-line the entire thing.

Discord is opening an app store and showing me commercials now. Man, I miss Trillian how.

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