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Looking through my timeline I never did an thingy. So here goes.

I am a blogger who always has and always will enjoy AESTHETICS. Fursona of a Binturong. Website in bio.

art and learning music with the FL-Studio in our free time.

I am a tech guy with the belief that repairing hardware for maximum usage is a better path of financial and environmental positivity.

Asexual I guess?!? I dunno.

Advocate of self-hosting services as centralization is terrifying.

On one hand. It's an end of a Era of one of the few consoles I owned. It brought a lot of strange and semi-broken games to my doorstep. But Ouya is filled with lessons. It looks like Ouya will deliver its final lesson to the gaming community. Which is never trust digital cloud gaming. It has no permanence like physical media. Although a portion of that money went to developers those developers will not be remembered which is the greatest tragedy of a cloud-locked service.

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I build these steel tables.. and then. I get emo and teach people how to cut.

When donations come into my site at I would do something irresponsible and crazy. This time around I'm giving the gift of web-hosting for a year to a twitch streamer. So @funkyjoe86 / gets a website full paid for a year on Because I can. Because he let me on his twitch stream via discord voice which is a hella dangerous proposition. Because crypto is exploding and gotta share the love. So congrats to you dude!

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Screenshot Saturday - Loaded up my SecondLife client after a while just to see what i was rocking. Apparently it was a Possat with leathers, TAC vest, and Fever Ray shirt.. I do miss a lot of SecondLifes early days. There was a sense of community.. It wasn't as mechanical as it is now. That and DJ's where treated well before voice-chat came into the mix. Anyhow, this is my at the industrial club "The Link." Have an awesome day people of mastodon.

passing laws on content moderation via government intervention is just going to make those people move their servers to other countries. So much for the web-server business in the EU.

If I ever become a famous author I think I too will destroy the integrity of my fictional characters by introducing bizarre fetishes on social media that were never indicated anywhere in my books. That way people will read my books and call me out on it but it's too late! You bought the book ! - It's not often I do a hardware . But for as much crap we give the hardware gaming industry in our repair blogs. It's good to actually see something going right. This may come off as some weird advertisement blog. They didn't pay us nothing. It's just one of those products that worked out for the price.

As the web turns 30 does anyone really care about its creators shaking their walking stick saying "The web wasn't supposed to be like this!!!" as if they're talking to their grown ass off-spring that were arrested at some strip bar for touching the bouncers too much? Because I don't. Maybe I should? But eh... The web is not a dictatorship. Get over it.

After taking apart and headphones. I think I'm in the wrong business. I should just source a bunch of shit from china. To hell with hiring an audio engineer and make my own gamer headphone brand called "BLAMZ BY MR.S" and sadly it would probably be better quality.

If the amount of tracking cookies a site has is also factored into a threat assessment portfolio of website safety. You would probably have a lot of websites not being lazy with their scripting and actually caring about the advertisers they are signing their site up to.

Everyone is sad about Machinima closing. I'm doing an irish jig over here. Badly! But a jig none the less. Machinima was for the most part parasites on the creative video community. They did almost nothing to support their creators except take their money and say absolutely nothing to them unless of course you threaten to leave them then they throw an illegal contract at you. Burn Machinima!

We've hit the end of the stream like a train crashing into a wall of jello! I would like to thank for coming online to say hello! The first "chammel" I watched on twitch becomes the first watcher on my stream! Also thanks for Duck_Viking and @floatoverblow for stopping out and visiting my stream to witness delicious amateur streamer hour.

Insert catchy phrase with six billion invalid hashtags, pyramid scheme and spam riddled communities combined with frosted coated lies! S-Config is going to stream on their potato of a PC on . Or until we get reported. @ 6am - 7am UTC

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