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Looking through my timeline I never did an thingy. So here goes.

I am a blogger who always has and always will enjoy AESTHETICS. Fursona of a Binturong. Website in bio.

art and learning music with the FL-Studio in our free time.

I am a tech guy with the belief that repairing hardware for maximum usage is a better path of financial and environmental positivity.

Asexual I guess?!? I dunno.

Advocate of self-hosting services as centralization is terrifying.

Social networks is a lot like having a conversation with friends in a hurricane. You know it's a natural disaster and chances are you will never see this entry as it is buried colossal levels of debris with others screaming all around you. The best you can do is maybe throw some promotion to a sane/stable website in the hopes of getting something out of it all. -So, the console was pronounced dead by Razer but it's okay. Because we're having the best time of our afterlife! It so happens I even updated my tutorial sets to include some love. Why the Pi/Linux? Because ADB on Windows Security was getting hella annoying. Unification underneath the Raspberry Pi should have been my first option for tutorial writing. Corrected that. Now to go through the typos! lol!

A long time ago, I made a blog about the creation that is known as and that even though it's a Davvey Force creation. It resonates with that of a state of video editing. That is, the ability to mix old and new technologies. Where they talk about colors as if it was currency. because during the growth of computing processors can only handle so many colors on a screen. Anyhow, my old article is here - - and the gift ad is even on their youtube video.

H'okay! It's refreshing to know that my Mastodon is still working.

I custom keyboard that i use for twitch streaming. Now with 3mm black acrylic casing! I got some crap on my blog for having the final product as just a circuit board.. Similar to a Raspberry Pi the case is up to you. It's personal. Unique. I'm only adding a case just to show one possibility. link how i made it is here -

Still rocking my arduino streamdeck.. keys remapped to f13-f24 for minimum obstruction but still mappable in obs.

I'm so far trying the open source world of video editors.. open shot is really good but its biggest issue is lack of hardware mpeg decode on videos. So if you get some 4k footage it'll choke the best of PCs .

Thinking of changing instances . What the best one for party peoples ?

I had a dream where I was interviewing a group of hobbits. Big feet and all. Who were nuclear engineers. And they invited me into their shire criticizing humanities choice of molten salt reactors as it simply will not create the power output required for vehicular and spacial travel. Then proceeded to show me their underground thorium plant which apparently has triple the electrical output. They started to get louder and louder saying "this is important!!" And then I woke up.

Hit ATL or CHI.. with how many flight delays there are in a day a mah-bo would make it rain.

I first thought the concept of cyber cafes or more in particular a Japanese "mah-bo" style cafe just wouldn't fly in America. We tend to be loud . However , as I sit in am airport with flight delay after flight delay.. shoulder to shoulder in a shitty seat where I cant even open my laptop. Yeah, I probably would pay 30-80 bucks for an 8x8 cubicle where I could play games, watch tv and just chill. I'm saying this idea as I'm not in the hospitality business. So if someone is. Do it! - Fellow streamer wanted an open source streamdeck for . And so, it was done with one of the first tutorials on digital inputs with an pro-micro controller. I'll update this article more when i encase it and make it pretty. Maybe just get a PCB professionally done instead of wire-balling everything! lol!

The greatest thing about this social network is the greatest thing of every social network. That you can say what's on your mind and eventually it'll be obliterated within milliseconds of scrolling text.

Does mastodon have an SVG logo? Just asking as I need to test out a vynil printer.

Google will not block your website out of hatred.. They will block it out of perceived incompetence. It's easier to "accidentally" delete someone and if enough people freak out they can go "Oops my bad" with the damage already done.

On one hand. It's an end of a Era of one of the few consoles I owned. It brought a lot of strange and semi-broken games to my doorstep. But Ouya is filled with lessons. It looks like Ouya will deliver its final lesson to the gaming community. Which is never trust digital cloud gaming. It has no permanence like physical media. Although a portion of that money went to developers those developers will not be remembered which is the greatest tragedy of a cloud-locked service.

Blogger Rant 

I build these steel tables.. and then. I get emo and teach people how to cut.

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