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Looking through my timeline I never did an thingy. So here goes.

I am a blogger who always has and always will enjoy AESTHETICS. Fursona of a Binturong. Website in bio.

art and learning music with the FL-Studio in our free time.

I am a tech guy with the belief that repairing hardware for maximum usage is a better path of financial and environmental positivity.

Asexual I guess?!? I dunno.

Advocate of self-hosting services as centralization is terrifying.

Discord is opening an app store and showing me commercials now. Man, I miss Trillian how.

After playing through all of the Halo series. It makes me wonder why Microsoft chooses Cortana as the search engine in windows 10. Modeled after the Halo character. An AI on the verge of mental collapse jacked by an alien frame hellbent on blasting everyone into the dark ages if you do not comply. Either this is the worst PR campaign Microsoft has devised. Or the most honest PR campaign. Not entirely sure.

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The lawyer opens a briefcase. It's full of lemons, the justice fruit only lawyers may touch.

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I don't remember Doctor Who being so hopped up on sugar like I've seen in modern times.

Anyone know of a way to make the Alexa site-ranking service black-list you as there's no way to opt-out of their "Services?"

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I wasen't expecting boosts from something i said 7 months ago. But that's awesome guys.

When it comes to facebook being hacked. Anyone who is still on that network and provides any honest and actual data to them kind of deserves it. They know how big of a target it has yet it's still used because "It's Easy". Pay the price for "Easy."

Trend antivirus - because the cure is worse then the disease.

A lot of people thought it was crazy to start your own server in 2010.. but as i start to witness the homogenization of cultures on almost every major social network. I might've been ahead of the curve.

A good website helps you fix something. An excellent website gives you the tools to fix something without needing to jump servers.

I gotta drop some people off of my follow list. Would totally understand if you return the favor. It's just that I come to Mastodon to ESCAPE other social networks. Not have my timeline filled with constant reminders of said cross-post only existing on terrible social network.

Before anyone says anything. I'm aware of what is going on in a fandom I worked with. Along with the darkness which has incurred recently. Thank you for the slam journalism and opinion op-eds. Grimformation of such nature does not exist on my timeline. You're welcome.

I know it will come to a technological point where Google will moderate their search engine the same way they moderate YouTube. And with the profanity I fire off in some of my blogs i will probably be blacklisted . But I'm okay with that. Because as YouTube keeps filtering the "You" out of the "tube" it will slowly turn into a laughable shell company like prodigy.

I keep hearing about machine based censorship bots and thinking "why would I want that plugin for wordpress?" Apparently it's a YouTube Facebook thing. suddenly my level of caring drops to zero.

I showed everyone I game with the musical aesthetic genre that is "Chicago Booty-Bounce." After much screaming they no longer want to explore new musical genres and subcultures. It's a shame really.

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