Without sounding like an insane person. The amount of external cookies and ads on your self-hosted site should be zero. If it isn't then it's time to dive. Look at the source code. See where the offending HTML is coming from. And stomp it out quick. You probably paid good money to self-host your content. Don't let it be a free lunch for Google , a rando CDN, or Analytic software. Even consider schema and OpenGraph a threat and redirect. Such scum is counting on you to be lazy with your code.

@S_Config I mostly agree, except for OG but only if you meant to put it there. Sometimes an embed with a image is nice

@riking OpenGraph is fine despite who made it. Because a website can site the meta:og but never reference to ogp. Leaving it up to social networks to decide if they wish to use the meta or not. Also, since it's open source you could bring the scripts to your own site <html prefix="og:<site>'" to take care of any heavy lifting. Code that can be viewed, verified, and internalized onto a server thus keeping the external cookie action at zero is good.

@riking I just don't like seeing references going off to ogp's site because it's yet-another data collection end point where people profit off of your data stream.

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