Overcompensatory manhandling, dragging, pushing, idiotic sedition charge...This is the kind of reflexive overreaction that plays right into the hands of those who want to ensure reflexive underspeaking.

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They can't run the economy, they have embarrassed India again and again, but nobody can take away from the its discipline and team spirit in the violent repression department.

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People need to understand this. There aren't any queues of people standing at the borders looking to enter India.
CAB is not really directed at them.
It is directed at Muslims who live in India. First use NRC. Then deny them citizenship by exclusion from CAB. It's a poll campaign

Which is not to say it doesn't discriminate between those seeking refuge. It does.
But that's incidental. The real targets are in India

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Both #CAB and #NRC attack the very essence of India. It is part of an old, vicious #RSS plot to destroy democracy.
It doesn't matter which part of India you live in or come from, or what religion you practice or do not. The bell will toll for all of us.
Educate yourself. Resist.

Bottom-line what I observed in J&K

They are fearless, nothing scares them now, their hatred for army at it's peak. Even normal auto drivers brushing army vehicles, blocking their paths, honking them, just for fun....

Roja a dalit woman was gang r@ped & murdered same time as Priyanka

It was never about safety for you,its selective outrage when victim suits your . You’re morally

27 years ago, to the day, a Hindu mob destroyed the Babri Masjid, thereby robbing all Indians of a priceless piece of their cultural heritage.

This year, what the mob began extrajudicially, the Supreme Court finished through judicial opinion. My latest -- caravanmagazine.in/religion/ay

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. Art. 11.1 thereof reads:

"Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be
presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”

The jubilant reactions to the extra-judicial murder of the Hyderabad rape accused is the clearest demonstration of why Modi is so popular and forevermore will be so. Everyone knows the encounter was fake. The people cheering it on are fully cognisant of the lies, but their bloodlust is satisfied and that is all that matters. This is the prism from which they view this government also.

I find it hard to believe we would have seen the same celebration as we are seeing today IF rape victim was Muslim or dalit and those accused of rape were upper caste/ middle class.

The same people celebrating now would have readily found an excuse to defend them... Either "they couldn't have done it" OR straightforward "he is one of us anyway", "boys will be boys" etc.

What happens when you reward lawlessness merely because it appears momentarily heroic to some.

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Police force brags about encounter as a means to deliver "justice". Lawmakers call for lynching as a means to deliver "justice". They're playing to the galary. We are the galary. Abetting this barbarism.

Congress is “undecided” on whether they have a conscience or not when it comes to the citizenship bill.

If I was a congress supporter I would drown out of shame. Such spinelessness.

India today feels like an amalgamation of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Apartheid South Africa and Settler Colonialist Israel.

Basically the Captain Planet of fascism.

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Shashi Bhushan Mehta is a @BJP4India@twitter.com candidate in Jharkhand. Mehta is out on bail because he murdered a woman who taught in his school & dumped her body by the roadside. He was recently inducted into the BJP & her family was beaten up for protesting. This is no country for women

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Cabinet clears Citizenship Amendment Bill. I guess now any pretense of being a secular state will be increasingly difficult.

Today the Union Cabinet cleared the which, along with the , seeks to legalise citizenship based on religion. If Parliament passes this bill, India ceases to be the constitutional democracy that it has been since Independence.

Your own taxpaying money used to declare you a non citizen - masterstroke

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"Three of the contracts under the Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Railway project went to Gujarat-based firms that donated to BJP in the past," writes @AdityaMenon22@twitter.com.

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