Looking forward to quality content and meaningful discussions on Masodon. The sanghis are being removed extra fast, so there will probably be no scum. But is going to be like twitter with people asking for boosts, followers and starting fights to get visibility, a lot of handles will be muted.


Support your instance admins and moderators. They can help minimize the problems you are describing.

Support the operations of your instance to keep the fediverse strong with healthy communites.

@Algot Hope to. Twitter was toxic - organized RW bots flood us with hate, death/rape threats, casteism, misogyny and Islamophobia. Pushback was also nasty - both sides have gangs & icons who want to build their egos. Do hope the moderators are not flooded. And thank you all for being so welcoming.


Any place can be comfortable if we each make the effort to work for that comfort...for others...

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