@girishNaught What, you verified yourself with those two symbols?

@SabinaBasha I'm trying different different symbol. Yet to find my soulmate symbol here 😶

@ahleqafas @SabinaBasha umm.. congratulations you are hired then. But due to strict policies, you will be in (unpaid) probation for next 6 months. Cheers 😊😊

@SabinaBasha 😂😂😂

I think I'll prefer radioactive symbol. Don't want to thinking about those morons here. And sincerely hoping they don't come here at all.

@SabinaBasha yeah. Saw that handle 🙄. Who cares. This is left & left liberal platform. The elitists right of center guys will go back to Twitter soon. They are always more comfortable in a fascist pond.

@girishNaught @SabinaBasha

She will waft in, when she has to.

You do what you love best.

Porotta & beef fry? Anybody??

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