@SabinaBasha @VakashaS This happens too often because their algorithm (and admins if any) often interprets live tweeting of an event, especially if a hashtag or something is repeated, as spam.

Happened before to multiple people I know even when they were merely just live tweeting from a conference they were attending.

@adithyadesign @VakashaS
Am sure it is a big relief for everyone being suspended or restricted. Operation successful, patient dead.

Sure, they can keep their fancy algos.

@SabinaBasha @VakashaS ok, something seems to have gotten miscommunicated from my side...I wasn't justifying it, was just sharing that I've seen it happen too often and seen why/how it happens.

What's worse is that sometimes accounts have even gotten completely shut down over it and needed a lot of pushing and pinging people who work at birdsite to reinstate.


The account has been reinstated. Did you see what happened to Rana Ayyub? Shocking!

Amethi Police has now deleted the tweet after public outrage but imagine the audacity.

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