Liberals - move on, respect the judgement, BJP does not have an election issue, take it well - RG is right, ab Loya discuss karenge.

@SabinaBasha Naive to believe that remaining temple issues won't be raked up. Question of survival, after all

@SabinaBasha I am sorry but I don't agree.

We live our lives for our values & principles & not for political power or elections.

If we move on now & condone this travesty, we would never be able to answer to our children. When they ask why we did not stand up for the truth when the country was at an inflexion point.

If RG thinks that BJP will not be use this as an election agenda, then he is grossly wrong in understanding his opponents & their strategy.

@majchowdhury I said this is what the liberals said. It was a sarcastic tweet.

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