Request : Tooters who have a blue tick after their name in Masodon, please remove. It is a status symbol, a relic of the BirdSite. We really have no place for a caste or class heirachy here. Of course, it is upto you.

@SabinaBasha The joke's on them anyway. It must be something that has occupied their mindspace day and night, frustrated them, not let them sleep. They're here to see the blue tick next to their name and have some sort of an orgasmic release in their minds.

@SabinaBasha I agree. Thinking about it, makes perfect sense to disregard any relic of the bird platform, lest we give them any legitimacy.

@pithy_in Feudalism does not die so easily. Why do people want a badge of superiority? Sucks

@SabinaBasha that's a valid point.
I always wanted a blue tick🥺 though I don't have one.

@SabinaBasha (I rather see it as a way of mocking the Twitter blue tick, since here it has absolutely no value whatsoever.)

@lertsenem Yeah, one way of looking at it. But why not start clean, why bring relics over?

@SabinaBasha Well, it's hard to build something completely clean, and no matter what people *will* make the comparison with Twitter...

I feel that this practice brings attention on how different this place is from Twitter : here everyone can get a blue tick. Thus this "elite cast" from the old birdsite does not exist anymore (and can't exist since there's no central authority).

@ashwin @SabinaBasha

High time! Blue tick obsession should stop. Had seen way too much on birdsite. They are mostly paid accounts, whom twitter verifies & supports as per the business or other interests.
Glad, we don't see such madness here. Hopefully, people should take care of it and ensure its about engagement and not about promoting supremacy.

@BhavanaVarun @SabinaBasha I was trying to be nice when I said it looks silly just remove it. :)

it does look very wannabe.

Wait. Maybe they think people will not recognise them without the blue tick. 😆🤣

@ashwin @SabinaBasha

You know what's the funniest part. Not just this :verified: but this :unverified: too. 😌😂

@BhavanaVarun @SabinaBasha yeah. I get it if you want to have emojis that signify your work or lifestyle. But the tick and stop sign give no meaning.

@ashwin @SabinaBasha

Actually, emoji as fun is fine but if it is carried here with certain intention, that's not good.
I am amazed, people are still using this space like birdsite. Its weird! Why is it so hard for people to open up their hearts and talk. Why all this portrayal & projections. 😁

@BhavanaVarun People are still addicted to birdsite and it will others time to detox.
@ashwin @SabinaBasha

@Vishsai @ashwin @SabinaBasha

Those addicted to birdsite are clueless that all this while, they were tricked. 😁

@BhavanaVarun Wondering people who have come here will relapse. Still use twitter but mostly for conversation with football fans. It matters what kind of content people were consuming.
@ashwin @SabinaBasha

@BhavanaVarun @SabinaBasha because people have forgotten 2007-2010 Twitter :) they need to be reminded of what once was...

@SabinaBasha I personally think it shows that anything is possible in the free software world.

There are still difference among users, some people will always be good with technology, some will not.

@SabinaBasha You have an option, use pinafore web app, it has an option in settings which will remove all emojis 😝

@SabinaBasha see same toot in different apps in #mastodon

First one on Tusky and Second one in Pinafore with option for emojis to remove

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