What is happening at JNU is an othering of the marginalized. A UC project which wants to keep the poor & marginalized, mostly Dalits, out of education, eternally poor. Not surprising the brahmin-bania BJP is behind it. Such contempt for our kids is astounding

The same will happen in other sectors - Employment, health, housing, law, religious places. Public sector is being killed to deny reservations. In all other social fields there will be segregation, biased treatment to marginalized.

@SabinaBasha Govt should try it with OPTIONAL increase at first. Let us see who all opt to pay higher fees in the institution. As Ravish showed, not all can afford this increase which the media has made Rupees 10 versus Rupees 300 issue solely. @sanjayuvacha

@DKMahant @sanjayuvacha Complete rollback. If the richer students want to pay anything, let them donate.

@SabinaBasha True. It might sound strange but even foreign Unis, sitting on so much cash, regularly tap their alumni for donations. @sanjayuvacha

@DKMahant @sanjayuvacha Donations should be anonymous & optional, really. Or they are capable of bending policy & smaing others who do not donate. On second thoughts, scrap donations

@SabinaBasha Donations aren't bad idea. An institution can work wonders with disposable cash. Unlike the situation here where the students are feeling disposable. @sanjayuvacha

@SabinaBasha Parents of distress would rather get their kid to learn Spanish to get POTENTIAL for a job instead of FOLLOWING them in that distress. Reminds me of a scene from Swades where a farmer is explaining his distress to Mohan Bhargav. Telling him that he switched job to become a farmer but none allowed him to and his crop was left to rot.

She is an absolutely foolish person. Thus proved !!!

What entitles Ms Prakash to decide what is appropriate for the student with that background to study? In what capacity does she remark implying that it is not appropriate? Has she discussed with the student their ambitions and purpose to be able to draw such conclusions? Entitled voices cloaking fear in the garb of snide remarks is nothing but unrestrained violence.

@SabinaBasha this mindset is the reason we are not in top ranks in research or academics or arts. We have rarely invented anything in India in modern times exactly because of this mindset.

@neeraj If government wants to bring down one of the best Univ in the country, you know how much it values education. We will be back in dark ages soon, our universities will be what the govt publishes on WA. Why I feel India is one of the worst places to raise kids.

@SabinaBasha Holy shit, she is literally the Indian equivalent of a boomer.

Education is always valuable no matter what subject it is, she can take her neo-luddite garbage and shove it up her ass.

@FreyaManibrandr Absolutely. But that is expected from this lady. She runs a media agency and does propaganda for the fascist majoritarian government of India, who wants to shut down the best university in India because they resist the government.

@SabinaBasha @FreyaManibrandr
What a pathetic being she is !! Want to use expletives.... Not doing that.

@SabinaBasha biggest problem with saying people should pursue degrees with good job prospects is that in this economy no degree is a guarantee of jobs.

@vikramhegde Yes, that, too. Education main aim is just that, we have made into a job market.


I read it as ...

I decide your faith / religious activities
I decide your dresscode
I decide your eating habit
I decide what news you will see on tv and what not

add to the list

I decide what education you should pertain

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