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118 days of lockdown in Kashmir.

We don't even know what's going on there, when something bad happens in India then we outrage, but when it comes about Kashmir, we all become mute.

When did last time we discuss sexual violence against Kashmiri women??

It's striking that all our diplomatic, economic, and military power is unable to change the discourse in Pakistan, but Pakistani students happily, willfully adopt the language of JNU students in their protests.

We misunderstand "power".

Pragya Thakur has been brought out to press our collective 'Outrage' button so this regime can get a breather from Maharashtra and its failure to buy MLAs, the continuing lockdown of Kashmir, and the shameless prevarication they are showing in parliament on the question of Pegasus and WhatsApp snooping.

They never fail to bring out such ugly sores for an airing whenever they want to deflect out anger and attention.

This makes me so so mad. There is a deliberate and calculated exclusion of which is gradually extending to almost every sphere of life, be it housing or jobs; and this man has the glib audacity to make such statements.


| If a Muslim is Indian, then why are they scared of NRC: tells


Gujarat born emperor had dreams of ruling Maharashtra, he wanted to kill dissent and wipe out anyone who put resistance to his power; he couldn't succeed.

What you are thinking? I am taking about Aurangzeb who breathed last & buried in Maharashtra.

This scumbag Sandeep Chakraborty must be sacked, whether he's a government employee or an appointed CGI. And confirm whether he was spouting government policy or just shooting his mouth off.

"It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head," ~ Tyrion Lannister.

Just in case your relief at the BJP's defeat in is causing you to whitewash the , here's a useful reality check thread. The question is whether the improbable SS-INC-NCP alliance will check the Shiv Sena, or suck its allies further into the muck.


Since it is inevitable that will be secularised and portrayed as those who fought for Marathi pride, I think we should crowd source a reality check thread. Here's my first contribution:


29th November 2019 is the date for announcement of Second Quarter #GDP number.

Brace for more #Pragya Thakur.

The SS-NCP-INC combine will have its hands full trying to provide governance for the next five years. But what counts as their first achievement is giving proof to the people that the manipulators of electoral politics and murderers of every democratic institution and norm are shown their place. This will kindle hope to work for better alternatives.

Thread on why the transgender community is protesting the passing of the Transgender Persons' Protection of Rights Bill 2019.


This is why we are protesting the Transgender Persons' Protection of Rights Bill 2019.


Oh, the day we would stop mistaking 'privilege' for 'merit'. What a glorious day that would be.

BJP: Your lordships, we are yet to complete our MLA shopping?

SC: OK, do it fast, we are giving you time till 10:30AM tomorrow & if still something remains balance to buy, you manage with Governor & if still something required come back to us, we are here. #OperationMLAPoaching

Such insistence on correct procedure, after the grotesquery witnessed by the whole country.

Mukul Kesavan: “Democratic societies are based on the presumption that their residents are citizens...With a National Register of Citizens, the burden of proof is abruptly shifted...An all-India NRC would turn citizens into supplicants.”

Me "Alexa Tell Me a Joke"

Alexa "Indian Judiciary"

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