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. Bread, butter and some loose change comes from Retail. The loose change goes in buying books - Tsundoku level. Would love to interact on Books, Authors, Indian economy, Indian Muslims, Religions and Education.
Goes without saying: Hardcore Bhaktslayer

One of the many brilliant gems in the brilliant 'Allahu Akbar' by Manimugdha Sharma. Thank you, @quizzicalguy !

There was a vain woman who bought new gold bangles that her neighbours didn't notice. She set fire to her house so that she could scream & point her arms to her burning that her neighbours notice the new gold bangles she was wearing!
House=economy. =new bangles. Vain Woman= RangaBilla

It looks that this time the fires blowing from the north-east will scorch the black and white beards.

@nilanjanaroy Also, the exit is temporary. Just think of how many of us will storm through the gates to enter the world once the book is out, all the while dragging you back in there with us. 😬

Such a strange, happy moment: when you're ready (almost) to let go of the book you've been writing for the last four years.

Sent Black River, my Delhi novel, to my agent this week. A sense of great relief that it's done, but also a sadness other writers will understand, as you prepare to leave the world you've been obsessed by for so many years.

There is an interesting etymology of Ghodbunder Road in Thane. If luxury resorts are built there, the next generation will also understand the significance of that etymology.

For non-Maharashtrians here...just wanted to check.
Is there a perception here that what is happening in the Pawar family is similar to what happened between Akhilesh and Mulayam? That the younger generation is more pragmatic and understands what the state wants and is therefore rebelling while the patriarch has lost touch with ground realities and therefore resisting the rebellion of the younger generation? And that eventually power will cede to the young?
Just wanted to understand.

Am thinking of keeping a pet dog. Should I call him 'President' or 'Governor'? Please suggest.

Masterstrokes galore!
Looks like the ones whose chips would go down:
Nitin Gadkari.
Devastation for:
Devendra Fadnavis & Ajit Pawar.
So effectively, MoSha got what they wanted. Sr Pawar got what he wanted.
Collateral damage though, unfortunately are the institutions of President and Governor.

@ranjona @musafir @jamewils @dushyant Can we not form a collective and use the power of PILs to pin the government down and get answers... Legal eagles, chip in, please. We don't want the efforts of HuffingtonPost & the Wire to get lost in the suppression tactics that will come to the fore...

Between @nit_set and Rohini Singh, between HuffPost and @thewire , you have clear evidence of corruption and dubious, criminal election funding for the BJP and Modi. How long will people keep fooling themselves?
Till they're stripped of citizenship by the NRC?

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