For non-Maharashtrians here...just wanted to check.
Is there a perception here that what is happening in the Pawar family is similar to what happened between Akhilesh and Mulayam? That the younger generation is more pragmatic and understands what the state wants and is therefore rebelling while the patriarch has lost touch with ground realities and therefore resisting the rebellion of the younger generation? And that eventually power will cede to the young?
Just wanted to understand.

@Sadiqkazi No. That's a false parallel. Ajit simply wants to avoid hounding by ED, CBI, IT Deptt and IT Cell of course. Chidambaram has been set as an example precisely for this purpose. He'd rather have a licence to make more money than spend time in jail.

@amarsharma I agree with your assessment. I just wanted to check with fellow tooters. Because there was a perception being created on birdsite yesterday by a few which implied that this Nephew-Uncle feud and what is happening in MH right now is only a generation conflict. Which is not the case.


Not at all. Rebellion is the only common thing here.

Akhilesh is a mere shadow of Mulayam, where mass base is concerned. Even though he was CM for a while.

Junior Pawar has cases pending against him, Akhilesh does not!

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