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Between @nit_set and Rohini Singh, between HuffPost and @thewire , you have clear evidence of corruption and dubious, criminal election funding for the BJP and Modi. How long will people keep fooling themselves?
Till they're stripped of citizenship by the NRC?


First the Modi PMO asked for an illegal window to be opened for sale of electoral bonds.
Then the govt forced SBI to accept expired electoral bonds.
Part 5 of's smashing electoral bonds expose


The BJP gets terror-funding. Read that again. And again. Iqbal Mirchi. Got it? Terror funding. BJP:


Embarassed and ashamed. The world's largest democracy has elected this woman on it's panel on defence. A woman charged with multiple terror attacks that killed hundreds of Muslims, who hails the assasin of Mahatma Gandhi. This is not an aberration, this is the new norm.


So far....
A BJP guy has been arrested for his links with ISI
A terror accused has entered the parliament on BJP ticket
And now the BJP is caught accepting money from someone being probed for its links with Mumbai blasts...

Nationalism, redefined.

It would be good indeed if I reach the 300 followers mark today. Because it's my birthday! :blobwizard:

Minister Goyal did not respond to a single assertion, fact and documentary evidence presented so far in 4 published parts of the #ElectoralBonds Investigations. He did not deny them. Here is his response. Read us tomorrow.

@Sadiqkazi Cool. Need to read up a bit more on this Deep Converse strategy. Need to understand more and discuss.

Creating hash tag for all future communication here. Can also have a single pinned thread for the discussion so that it doesn't get lost.

Once we have a better idea recruit more people or if you know people ask them to join.

Let's move forward.

@Sadiqkazi Yeah. Saw this some time back. We need to create a India specific narrative. Plus people who can talk with a calm voice. That requires training. Content creation. We can ask around here who are capable of creating this.

Our primary goal would to create teaching module so that it can be replicated. We have some of the brightest minds here. Hopefully we can direct all peoples energies into one focused goal.

These are my thoughts. Don't know how practical but am looking for solutions.

@Sadiqkazi Second is how we individually Converse. The below video shows that fighting with facts and opinions may not always be the right way when it comes to politics. It's called Deep Converse and it's a method we need to explore more. This is at an individual level.

@KnottedBow @vidyut @ranjona @KilaFateh @i_theindian @Kunfaaya @NSure @Fameen @AnilThakur_ @rupagulab @nagrik243
There is an android app called "IFTT" - IF THIS THEN THAT. I think the government has its own version of that app to ensure that every negative news about them is distracted through another absurd news made by them to distract.
@vidyut @ranjona @KnottedBow @KilaFateh @i_theindian @Kunfaaya @Vishsai @NSure @Fameen @AnilThakur_ @rupagulab @nagrik243

Namo addressing the Accountants General and Dy. Accountants General Conclave almost sounds like - "Catch me if you can"!

I will not register for the NRC.
I will discourage others from registering for the NRC.
I will spread the word about why the NRC is discriminatory and those wanting to fight India's decline, MUST boycott it.

The biggest scam in the last 2 decades.


RBI and EC advise was ignored on electoral bonds and the government broke it’s own law to issue them. So let’s say it clearly now. This is a scam. Another scam.


It seems hordes migrated here from the birdsite between 5th & 15th November, tooted a toot to register their presence and have since disappeared. No more activities...toots, boosts.
And now not only does this resemble a client app for the birdsite but also an echo chamber.

Peddling fake news may win you THE CHAIR, it won't help you stay in it for long.

Unless BJP+RSS kill our best universities .. how will they get more Godse type traitors?
πŸ‘‰Note: Godse was a school drop out. Had he been properly educated he would never agreed to kill Gandhi ji in1948.

πŸ‘‰RSS+Talibans+ISIS all oppose high level education system !

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