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Sadshark (ego—imagination≥3)

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Also in other news the moderators here at are soft-banning me because they don't appreciate my tone (they are breeders). Farewell forever (or at least until I can find a decent Mastodon instance... this is my 3rd instance down the tubes now. Both previous times were due to server shutdowns admittedly). I bid you all adeu

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Even if you breeded people before you became anti-breeding you already killed and I am doubtful of your promises not to kill again since you are already a killer.

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You cannot say you are anti-breeding and then breed people. That makes you the token example of a hypocrite and an intolerable asshole, and I just won't stand for it. Let it be known if you have any children more than zero I literally hate you and will do everything I can to stop you from having more. Does anybody read me on that? Fuck no they don't, they'd rather play stupid.

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This life isn't about you. This life is about all of us on earth. If you can't be a team player by preventing birth you are not a friend or an ally.

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Like, I'm so fucking serious if you knew how serious I was you would probably try to hunt me down and kill me. I won't even talk to natalists. I tell pregnant women to their faces to stop breeding, in public, and I sure as hell won't be caring about how many people I "offend" by doing so any time soon. Being a murderer is offensive. Stop being a murderer and I'll stop offending you. Oh wait you already breeded, too late, which means you are a lifelong enemy to my mission.

Don't let Trump gut healthcare for women and LGBTQ people (it could be you he discriminates against next)
Sign the petition:

Hoping to reach as many people as I possibly can, please share this around

Bertolt Brecht - The Unconquerable Inscription

... Because apparently people didn't see me post this shit on

To *attempt* to enslave me, that is.

etc etc. Seriously though end all the fucking evil systems in this world today and I'll give you a free bumper sticker! 😃

What gets me though is that shit ain't enough for 'em, they want to enslave further generations. That's why I hate the fucking natalists so much, especially the moderate ones who just pretend like they are totally disconnected from the machinations they helped reinforce. Patriarchy, matriarchy, capitalism, carnism, natalism, racism, etc etc you name it they brought us onto this planet to fight senseless and endless battles for them out of sheer ego.

Man my family will love me for this. I'm only doing this because I just LUV EM all soooo much. They really inspired me to CRUSH ALL THE FUCKING SYSTEMS THEY INVENTED TO ENSLAVE ME :D

I just use the fact that right wingers are scared of commies to my advantage. People who are afraid of commies are generally easy to scare, so the rest is easy. All that's left is CHANGING MATERIAL REALITY COMRADES! WOO

SNIP SNIP, all males should be sterilized
KNOT KNOT, Who's there?

or , both works just as good!

P.S. Overthrow all the old patriarchal and matriarchal systems and eliminate all class and race discrimination. Do it now before the Trumpkins lock us up like cattle. Change material reality comrades!


with Love,
🦈 Sharkie 🦈

The people shaming transgendered people should be the ones killing themselves. All of them should get free ropes and stools from the government.

Instead of trying to surprise right wingers by saying "peek-a-boo" I think just saying "I'm transgender" would suffice. Even if you aren't transgender, just saying the word alone triggers them. Hopefully one day it will make them kill themselves, too.

Destroy all the confederate monuments.

I thought we killed those fascist confederacy clowns already? Abe Lincoln oughta rise from the grave and bitch slap Michael Savage, Richie-Rich Spencer, Ted Nugent, fuck I mean you name it all these alt-reich Hitler fanboys gotta go away permanently LOL.

Feel the wrath of Lenin, alt-reich clowns!

That doesn't mean I'm gonna be an Elliot Rodger fanboy coward like all the rest of the American male populace. It means I'm gonna overthrow your system Weimar Republic style. I don't have time for violence, the ignorant fuckers do and that's how they are gonna get rid of me, that's the fucking point.

You can't imprison a person with a free mind, the most you can do is kill them off like the typical normie cunt ex-military slave would do.

Folks wonder how there can be so many mass shooters when the society is this sick. The only way to survive in America basically is to support the military or support anarcho-capitalist destruction of the environment in exchange for a pitifully tiny salary.

People will say that kind of thing to me in so many words. On here, on YouTube, on Giantbomb, back when I used facebook, etc. Literally saying that they are dedicated to not allowing my freedom of speech because they don't agree with my opinion. What a fucking sorry ass joke these normies are.

Feel the wrath of Lenin ya fucking capitalist roaders. Make fascism dead again.

Shut up sharkie, go sit down, we don't like your opinion and we'll call you a terrorist, send you to guantanamo, whatever it takes to keep away your dissenting opinion, because our pathetic little normie breeder-worshipping brains can't handle it, since we spent our whole day rotting it with Netflix and Hulu and red meat.

That one bitch tried to low-key shut my opinion down. Bitch do you know how many dozens of times that's happened? Over the same old petty shit? You can't see that you are being a cowardly slave just like the rest of them by silencing my dissenting views against your breeder fascism? Well fuck you then. I was done playing nice with normies YEARS ago.

You would think such a thing would be rare, that people would have more dignity and be less sorry-assed than that, but no. It's happened to me at least half a dozen times now. Folks don't like how my responses to them overshadows their whole dialectic, and think that deleting their account and hiding like a little bitch will do anything to help them. People have inherited extremely weak thinking principles from their breeders.

Okay, so now we've gotten back to the typical childishness of people being so opposed to even recognizing my personhood, my opinion, my rights, etc. that folks delete their posts, accounts, whatever they can so they don't have to respond to me. If that's the new society these sick folks have conjured up stranded in their houses 7 days a week then it must be time for a revolution.

More rights being taken away by the day.

Meanwhile all pretend to be opposed to this while directly causing that loss of rights and freedom.