i hate the pressure i feel to come out to people individually rather than online. bc like online is less times coming out but i know there are people in my life who'd be offended if i didn't come out to them and i know its not about them but uhhhhh

its sooo validating when people tell me i look good in masc clothes bc it feels like theyre saying i look masc

death ideation (it's jokes) 

skate or die? haha more like skate AND die -skates into oncoming traffic-

lmao whenever people use my birth name i want to die but i dont have another name so i really cant correct them

my vagina needs to get the fuck out and stop harassing me


lmao i got a huge wave of dysphoria at work today that lasted like 1 min just bc i was singing and my voice was too high

boost this toot if u arent straight. this is for science

My cat can tell when my depression gets bad and he'll lay next to me and I'm so grateful

anyone wanna give me suggestions for names bc i don't really know anymore


I love when my depression and dysphoria gang up on me

I just deleted a bunch of alright looking selfies just bc my boobs were too much

It's so fun losing all my will to live while I'm hanging out with friends

@White people: before you decide to try to engage with poc in discourse, make sure you're up to date and educated on the topic. google is free, emotional labor from poc is not.

Seeing trans people crack open some bourgeois skulls gonna be the shit during the revolution.

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