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有個小小的 idea ... 但不知道怎麼做。FB 的 timeline 是有道理的,我們每天看不完這麼多 toot / tweet ,一定要有一個方法把你想看的東西置頂。要用什麼演算法來決定你想看的是什麼,在 FB 上是由 FB 決定的,在 Mastodon 上說不定可以讓大家自己決定?把不同的演算法做成不同的模組,然後變成一個 column ,今天不想再讓這個演算法決定你看得到什麼,就換一個或加一個新的演算法...

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I may have to avoid Mastodon until this #DeleteFacebook thing blows over.

It's pushing all my "people being wrong on the Internet" buttons. All of them.

Friends! Stop being idiots! Please!

The fact is, the Fediverse does not protect your data or the social graph AT ALL. Anyone who wants to harvest your data, can. It's virtually all 100% public!

At least Facebook has some speedbumps.

If we replaced Facebook with the Fediverse tomorrow, privacy would suffer immeasurably.

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